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Heads down in the code

Progress on current project, Coding Twitch streams, Marketing site rebuild, Blog improvements.

LegendKeeper Weekly: Heads down in the code.

This week we kept our heads down and wrote some code. We'll keep this weekly update short and sweet.

Learn to code with us on Twitch today

Braden and Adam will be on Twitch today at 2 pm CST!

We'll be teaching you how to build a fantasy name generator from scratch. This mini-workshop is aimed at people who have never written code before. If you are an experienced coder you are still welcome to come and hang out in the chat!

Progress on the current project

Braden and Justin have continued making great strides on our current project to unify the UX of LegendKeeper. Check out these previews:

Dragging and dropping custom properties in LegendKeeper.
Dragging and dropping custom properties. UI not final.
Command palette in LegendKeeper.
Exploring a command palette pattern. UI not final.

Marketing site rebuild

Adam has plans to start building out a lot more unique pages on legendkeeper.com, but the current codebase was hard to scale and customize quickly.

He spent this week rewriting it from scratch using Tailwind CSS. Starting next week he'll be able to design tons of new pages easily!

Building a bigger blog

We've decided to invest more in our blog. We believe that creating unique, excellent, and actionable content focused on worldbuilding will be great for our community and for LegendKeeper.

Let us know if there are any topics you want us to cover.

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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