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Heyo! Got a new handful of improvements for you!

New help menu with reference documents for the editor, and quick access to the Atlas tutorial video.

Streamlined the welcome page that’s created for new projects. Added an embedded “Starting your first project video”.

Added embedded Youtube video support to the editor for tutorial video above. We’ll add a slash command to add your own YouTube video embeds soon.

Enabled editing on Atlas page preview.

Re-enabled informational placeholder on empty pages.

Added Auto-link to the slash commands.

Fixed a few auto-link-related bugs.

The map no longer snaps to bounds; use the “Center map” button in the bottom right of the Atlas if you get lost.

Icon picker now shows the name of the icon on hover.

Added 50+ new icons, including various clouds, doors, sci-fi ships, a wagon, a bottle, a cactus, a galaxy, etc.

Fixed bug causing tag list to be empty on page load.

Fixed bug causing deleted pages to sometimes show up in the Mentioned property.

Fixed bug causing tag input to not be focused after adding a tag property.

Til next time!

Written by Braden Herndon

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