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LegendKeeper is Growing: Welcome Adam!

Justin and I are thrilled to announce that the LegendKeeper team has added a new core member: Adam Waselnuk (@wazels on Discord, and the founder of https://swordandsource.ca) has joined us full-time to accelerate the roadmap and help make sure LegendKeeper stays around for many years to come.

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I'll let Adam introduce himself in his own words:


Hello my fellow Game Masters, Worldbuilders, and Creators! I am honored to be joining this incredible team to work on a product I love and use myself. More importantly, I'm excited to get to know all of you and support the things you are creating with LK.

So who am I?

I've been obsessed with fantasy worlds ever since someone handed me a copy of The Hobbit when I was in grade 4. I've been professionally building software for almost 10 years now, and I was a dev leader at Shopify for the last 5. But last fall everything changed. My obsession with mythology, storytelling, gaming, and fantasy worlds pushed me to take a leap into something new. I quit my job and started my own business called Sword & Source with the goal of building something great for Game Masters that would combine the old magic of stories with the new magic of software.

From the very beginning, my long term goal with Sword & Source was always this: support and accelerate the creators in TTRPGs. When I say creator, I'm thinking of all the people who create in this space with us: game designers, artists, game masters, writers, and more. I discovered LegendKeeper pretty quickly. It looked like the app I had always dreamed of making for myself. It was immediately clear to me that these guys knew what quality software was.

But the more I spoke to Braden and Justin, the more I discovered that the appreciation of quality software was just scratching the surface. We shared a larger vision of where this world of fantastic creators could go in the years to come. I started to notice that my best ideas for Sword & Source would work even better if they were built on top of the strong LegendKeeper foundation. It became clear to me that within the next couple years we would very likely end up in the same place. Why not join forces and get there together faster?

So what will I be doing here?

To put it broadly, my first job will be Growth. I'll be asking myself these questions every day:

  • How can we make sure you create your best work on LK and stay with us forever?
  • How can we get the word out and attract new people to LK?
  • How can I help Braden and Justin ship the core product experiences for you quickly?

My main focus won't be building features but maybe Braden will give me commit privileges if I ask nicely and then we'll see what might happen on a long weekend 😉....

It doesn't stop here. This is just a starting point. My priorities will solidify with your help. I'll want to hear from you: what are you creating? what do you love about LK? what does it still need to fulfill your vision?

I hope you'll reach out and say hi 😃

Let's have some questions in #general 🎙️

Adam Waselnuk joins LegendKeeper
Photo of me holding the very same copy of The Hobbit that I've read 15 times since grade 4

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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