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LegendKeeper Levels Up!

Announcement: LegendKeeper Levels Up!

We are thrilled to share that Justin has officially joined Team LK as a full-time member! As the creative force behind our product and visual design since the beginning, Justin’s transition to a full-time role marks a significant step forward for us.

With an impressive background as a multi-disciplinary designer, Justin has crafted exceptional products for brands like Tinder, Monstercat, and the NFL, earning multiple accolades including Apple’s App of the Day (multiple times!). His expertise not only enriches our team but ensures that LegendKeeper continues to evolve and innovate.

Together, Justin and I are diving into the next wave of major updates for LegendKeeper. We're hard at work on enhancing and polishing the core app experience, revamping Boards, and making sure our upcoming Timelines feature is the best fantasy timeline that's ever been. 8)

We're excited for what the future holds and are incredibly grateful for your continued support. Welcome aboard full-time, Justin! Let’s create something amazing. 🚀

(In case you missed it, our last big update simplified map processing in LK; you can now use any image as a map and don't have to worry if they are "processed" or not. You can check out more details here.)

Written by Braden Herndon

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