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LK Weekly: Heads-down!

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Hey everyone! I've got a short update this week, as I've been heads-down, continuing my progress on public worlds, mobile, and the new editor. Getting pretty close to done with public worlds and read-only mobile support, but it's hard to say when. The last 10% always takes longer than expected. :)

Laptop Woes

Unfortunately on Monday I had to take my MacBook in for a repair. The battery failed and the case started swelling up like a balloon. Since I wasn't going to get it back until Thursday or Friday, I had to move my development environment over to my Windows PC. That didn't impede me as much as I thought it would. Previously, I didn't enjoy doing software development on Windows, but this gave me an opportunuity to use the new Windows Subsystem for Linux, which ended up being pleasant. That was short-lived, however—I got my laptop back early on Thursday.


Yesterday I did an impromptu coding livestream on Twitch where I chilled with a bunch of folks from our community, did some bug fixing, and even gave a sneak peek of a a very early prototype of the UI that might power the timeline/calendar system. That was fun! I might try to do those weekly just to spice things up. I'll try to pick a schedule so that I'm more predictable with that. We had 50 unique viewers, which is pretty good for a last-minute stream!


We're cooking up another blog post as well; Carson has been hard at work on another article on campaign prep with LK. It's shaping up to be pretty nice; we're excited to get it done and out to you!

Thanks again for your continued support and interest! Working on LK is a blast; excited to improve LK for you!


Written by Braden Herndon

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