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LK Weekly: Symbols, Magic, Bugs

Hey folks, Braden here with another weekly. I've been moving apartments for the last week, so not much to say on the feature development front.


In the middle of my move, users started reporting issues with LK. I discovered the patch Tuesday last week introduced a severe but quiet bug in the sync system. It was a nasty one with the worst timing possible---I was disconnected from the internet completely at the time. Eventually, I was able to roll back to a good LK version, but I only unpacked my desk yesterday, so I haven't dived into discovering the root cause.

I've mainly been servicing support tickets created in the fallout; some folks lost data, and I've been doing what I can to help with recovery. This is one of those "can never happen, especially post-beta" kinds of bugs. I'll be brainstorming options for 1) better alert coverage for this kind of event, 2) tools for preventing this kind of bug from making it into production, and 3) better data recovery solutions. Most folks were unaffected, thankfully, but this was still a gross one. I hope to do better here.

Example Projects

Adam has finished his example project, and it's looking fantastic. He used some cool AI techniques for turning creative commons art into next-level-looking pieces for his LK project. He's thinking about doing a blog post on his techniques. Interested?

Abyssal Brews

Adam interviewed Matthew from Abyssal Brews about homebrewing magic items. We'll be making a blog post explaining the magic item creation process and how you can apply it to create content for your games.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

In celebration of the latest D&D adventure, we've created a list of 20 NPCs you might encounter in this wild carnival setting. Check it out here:  https://www.legendkeeper.com/20-wickedly-whimsical-npcs-for-wild-beyond-the-witchlight/

LegendKeeper Newsletter

The second issue of the newsletter goes out tomorrow! This one is a deep dive into archetypal symbolism, which can give your setting a deep-reaching emotional impact. You can get it tomorrow by signing up for the newsletter on our homepage: https://www.legendkeeper.com

That's all for now! Thanks for your support and for being rad.

Written by Braden Herndon

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