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LK Weekly: What's next? A PAX U retro

Apologies for not sending our weekly report last week. With the launch of Boards and prep for PAX, it was just too hard to get one out. So grab a warm beverage and cozy up - this one will make up for it!

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We launched Boards!

In case you missed it, we launched the first version of Boards last week. Thanks so much for all the great feedback so far.

If you have anything you would like to see added to Boards, please add it to this form.

If you want to share or see the great stuff people are making, join the #boards channel in our Discord.

What's Next?

After PAX, we have a few things sorted out for next year. This is still tentative, but here's what is top of mind for us right now.

December - Housekeeping and Boards stability

We have been pushing really hard and will be taking some much needed time to decompress with our families in late December.

For the rest of this month we will be doing some "housekeeping" (tech debt, tool sharpening, bookkeeping, marketing systems, etc.) to prepare for 2022 - the year we are now calling "The Wild Year".

We will also be monitoring Boards and pushing a few patches to improve stability. Those patches might include some quality of life improvements.

January - Open the gates

We are almost finished a big change to our onboarding process which will make it 10x easier for new users to sign up for LegendKeeper. We will launch this in January and expect a decent increase in newcomers to our growing community. This will cause an unknown amount of increase in support burden for us, but we will be ready!

Early 2022 - Editor and Ecosystem

After meeting so many incredible people at PAX and talking about collaborations, here's what we believe we'll tackle in the first part of 2022. These are listed in no particular order.

  • Editor "Next" - new properties, moveable properties, new block types (eg. videos), better overall UX
  • Community Module Sharing - bundle up your LK content and share it with anyone via URLs
  • Public Projects - To build this we will first need to build version 1 of an API. Our 1st API will also pave the way for first-class collaborations with other tools such as Foundry VTT.

Reminder: This is subject to change. The new year can always bring surprises that cause us to adjust. That being said, we are incredibly excited about these projects so we think the odds are good we ship them 🙂

PAX Unplugged Retrospective

PAX Unplugged was far above expectations. It's was our first real tabletop conference professionally and personally. The conference brought us tons of awesome new ideas for 2022, new potential partners, and lot's of awesome swag of course 🙂.

Even better than that, it was our second time in the same room as a full team. We had a wide range of conversations ranging from very serious to very silly. We now have a stronger conviction than ever to make LegendKeeper grow and deliver some amazing capabilities for our subscribers in 2022.

New friends from PAX U

We would hate to reveal early details of a collaboration that ended up never happening. So take this with a huge grain of salt - none of this is a promise of anything. But to share some of our excitement about the people we met, here's just a partial list of awesome people we spoke at length with.

  • Pat and Andrew - Product managers from D&D Beyond.
  • Antony - The director of tabletop gaming at Fandom (company that owns D&D Beyond).
  • HitPoint Press - Creators of humblewood and many other cool 5e things.
  • Andrew - The creator of Foundry VTT. We met most of the foundry dev team and got along really well 🙂
  • Justus - Operations for 1985 Games.
  • Ben - Co-founder of dScryb.
  • Mike - Game designer from R.Talsorian Games, the publisher of Cyberpunk RED and The Witcher RPG. Turns out a lot of Cyberpunk RED players use LegendKeeper.
  • Griffin - The Legendary Magic Item creator. We formed a trivia team with him and lost badly. Probably Adam's fault.

PAX U in photos

Here are just a few of our favorite pics from the conference.

The LegendKeeper team. From left Braden, Adam, Justin
Us hanging out with Griffin of The Griffon's Saddlebag
Playing a prototype. Braden may claim he won the game with his Phoenix constellation, but Adam would point out it looked like a chicken and they tied.
The Expo Hall. Tons of amazing stuff to buy and see
Should tokens be non fungible or very fungible? We honestly don't know...
The main gates. PURPLE!!
Adam's Loot haul. This is all he plans to do for Christmas break.

PAX U in Quotes

"Dantes inferno is like Hell fan fiction" - Braden

"I know what our first big Kickstarter should be: The worlds smallest d20" - Adam

"I know what that thing is. It's the transcendental object at the end of time." - Justin interpreting one of Griffin's dreams.

Enjoy the weekend!

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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