Patron Price Guarantee

LegendKeeper would not be where it is today without the support of its early patrons on Patreon. We want to thank you for your early faith in us with the exclusive Patron Price Guarantee described on this page.

LegendKeeper would not be where it is today without the support of its early patrons on Patreon. We want to thank you for your early faith in us with the exclusive Patron Price Guarantee described on this page.

This guarantee only applies to those who pledged to LegendKeeper on Patreon before January 17, 2022.

The Patron Price Guarantee

Anyone who pledged to LegendKeeper on Patreon before Jan.17, 2022 can claim a lifetime discounted price of $5/month or $54/year.

You are eligible for this deal regardless of your current patreon status, current tier, or past tiers. You just have to have been a patron anytime before Jan.17, 2022.

This price stays in effect for you forever - regardless of whether or not you cancel or pause your subscription. It lasts as long as LegendKeeper does.

How to claim this deal

To claim your Patron Pricing deal, log in to LegendKeeper and visit your membership settings tab. Click here to start the process.

More than 60% of our patrons have already made the switch. Thank you! We are asking our remaining patrons to claim the deal by March 7, 2022. Changing billing systems is a big challenge. The faster it gets done, the faster we can move our full focus back to product development.

You will continue to have full access to LegendKeeper during the transition period. We will warn you in advance before we require billing on the new system for project access.

Detailed steps

Click on "Claim" in LegendKeeper to claim your lifetime discount.

Step 1: Navigate to your membership settings in LegendKeeper.

Step 2: Click "Claim" to add your billing details. We'll grant you "trial days" equal to what you've already "purchased" with your pledge. For example, if you're a monthly pledge and move your billing details on the 28th of January, you'll get four free days. If you're an annual pledge and pledged last November 10th and moved over on the 28th of January, you'd get 286 days, etc. We don't want to double-charge you.

Step 3: Fill in your details and hit "Start Trial.” After a few moments, you should get a success message and land on the notifications screen.

Notifications settings in LegendKeeper.

Step 4: Pick the email lists you'd like to subscribe to. These emails will gradually replace their Patreon equivalents, like the LK Weekly, Announcements, Changelog, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to time this with my Patreon subscription billing cycle?

No. Our migration process will automatically detect the end date of an active patreon subscription, and make sure you don't pay again for that time in our new system.

This will ensure a smooth transition with no overlaps in billing cycles.

I already bought an annual subscription. Can I get a credit since you lowered prices?

We cannot offer any discounts or credits to make up for the price drop. When a subscriber commits to an annual plan, we spend that cash to help grow the business and cover our own recurring costs.

Prices are always subject to change as we learn and adjust our business model. It is not possible for us to make backwards-facing adjustments whenever that happens.

When your subscription period ends, you will be receiving this discounted price forever after.

Will my players have to start paying for LegendKeeper?

Players do not have to start paying to continue working on any project they've been invited to.

They will need to buy a subscription to manage or create their own projects.

Will I lose access to LegendKeeper if I don't subscribe?

No. Even if your subscription lapses, you will always be able to access, view, and export your projects.

We believe that your data belongs to you.

Why are you switching billing systems?

While we are eternally grateful for Patreon providing a launchpad for us, the main reason we're switching is that Patreon makes it difficult for new users to try LegendKeeper.

New users had to pay upfront and undergo at least 12+ account creation steps if they didn't already have a Patreon account. (To put numbers to this, 99% of visitors to our website simply left when they saw they needed a Patreon account). With our new system, you can signup in just two steps and get a free trial, neither of which was possible before.

Additionally, as we grow, we use less and less of Patreon's features, and their 8%+ cut stops making sense financially.

What happens to the Patreon page?

The Patreon will stick around for a while. We'll still be posting LK Weekly and changelogs on Patreon, replying to comments, etc., during the transition. We expect moving everyone over will take some time.

You'll still be receiving your promised Patreon perks, such as stickers for the $10+ tier and a music video from Braden. We have not forgotten.

You are welcome to keep pledging on Patreon if you want to throw extra money at us, but we expect folks to move their billing details to LK and then un-pledge from Patreon, using email and Discord to keep in touch with us.

What happens to the full accounts I granted to my friends?

As a perk of the closed beta, when Patrons invited their friends to LK, those friends were granted full accounts.  They’ll still be able to create projects until March 2022, but if they want to continue creating, they’ll need a LegendKeeper subscription.

They can always participate as collaborators in projects for free. If any of your invitees ended up using LK for their own projects, you should let them know that’ll be changing in a month or so.

When will I receive my exclusive puzzle encounter?

Patrons who made the switch before February 14, 2022 will receive an exclusive puzzle encounter by email. We are planning to send the encounter in the first week of March, 2022.

Why did you not consider A, B, or C?

The truth is we are a small team that has a lot of work on our plates, and a limited time frame to do it in. If there is something we missed, it was probably unintentional and we are happy to receive that feedback.