Patron Price Guarantee

LegendKeeper would not be where it is today without the support of its early patrons on Patreon. We want to recognize your early faith in us with the exclusive Patron Price Guarantee described on this page.

This guarantee only applies to those who subscribed to LegendKeeper on Patreon before the New Billing Launch Date. The New Billing Launch Date is still not known, so for now this applies to everyone.

As we continue to evolve the app and add features, we are evaluating new price points for access to LegendKeeper. Once we have a clear idea of the new price, we will announce the New Billing Launch Date.

The spirit of this Patron Price Guarantee is to ensure that our current active patrons receive our thanks in a material way, and feel confident that they can continue the journey with us even as the price points change.

The Patron Price Guarantee

  1. LegendKeeper will announce a New Billing Launch Date at least 2 weeks in advance of any changes.
  2. Once the New Billing Launch Date is announced, people will have until that day to become active subscribers on Patreon. An active subscriber is someone who is paying the subscription in any given Patreon tier.
  3. On the New Billing Launch Date, all active subscribers will be perpetually granted access to LegendKeeper at the monthly or annual price of their current Patreon tier (some exceptions in next bullet point) until they cancel their subscription.
  4. $5/month will be the lowest Patreon tier this applies to. We unfortunately cannot extend this offer to anyone subscribed to a tier below that threshold. For those of you in lower tiers, you will be welcome to continue subscribing at $5/month.
  5. You will be able to pause your subscription at any time. Accounts that are paused for more than 3 months will be considered 'cancelled' and will lose the benefits of the Patron Price Guarantee.
  6. We reserve the right to modify this Guarantee up to 2 weeks before the New Billing Launch Date. In the event of any modification, we promise with all our hearts to uphold the spirit of the guarantee which was outlined in the introduction.


What if I cannot afford to re-subscribe on Patreon before the New Billing Launch Date?

Regrettably, we can not offer exceptions here. A case-by-case consideration of every individual financial situation would be impossible for our team to properly work through.

That being said, we will be creating a LegendKeeper Scholarship plan. It will not be the same thing as the Patron Price Guarantee, but the purpose of that plan will be to make LegendKeeper more widely accessible for students, teachers, researchers, and anyone undergoing financial hardships.

We hope you stick with us and stay tuned for more information on that offer.

I want to re-subscribe to get this offer but I can't find my old Patreon tier. What do I do?

Some of our old Patreon tiers have changed or disappeared entirely. No problem! You can reach out to support and we will send you a special link to activate your subscription at the Patreon tier you were subscribed to.

The only exception here is Patreon tiers that were under $5/month - we cannot support those moving forward.

Why did you decide to base this around a specific date rather than look at patrons complete past history?

The Patron Price Guarantee revolves around a concrete date so that we can minimize the support burden on our team. We really wanted to offer something good here and we simply would not be able to do this if it was too complicated. This approach also allows us to thank recent patrons.

Why did you not consider A, B, or C?

The truth is we are a small team that has a lot of work on our plates, and a limited time frame to do it in. If there is something we missed, it was probably unintentional and we are happy to receive that feedback.