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LegendKeeper is the ultimate multiplayer worldbuilding tool, handcrafted to meet the needs of busy game-masters. Managing a campaign world can be a complex task. Most tools make it needlessly complicated, like filling out fantasy taxes on a fantasy Excel spreadsheet.

In LegendKeeper, you drop a pin on your map, and you write. That’s it. Feeling cheeky? Link to another map, or drag and drop that NPC you just conjured up onto a whiteboard. Make them the center of a conspiracy; draw lots of lines and question marks.

Imagine yourself, a very attractive and smart game-master, finally using a creative canvas that matches your attractive and smartness.

LegendKeeper was built from the ground up to be multiplayer. Hide your juicy mysteries with secret blocks and pages, and invite your players to your sandbox. Have them make character pages or worldbuild some new adventure locations with you. Some GMs even convince their players to manage their LegendKeeper notes for them. This is what we call a “miracle-grade” feat of charisma, akin to teaching cats how to synchronized swim. We are envious.

We made LegendKeeper because we wanted a no-bullshit creative tool that stayed out of our way. We hope it stays out of your way while you create amazing things.