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LK Weekly: Time and time again

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Hey squad,

Braden here. I'm still in the throes of life transition: last week Denmark; this week, packing up my apartment and moving. My lease is ending, and our landlord is raising the price by over $400. (I didn't like this place anyway! 😤 I'm outta here!) Unfortunately, this means my current day-to-day is focused on packing boxes and hauling things up and down stairs. Thankfully I'll be finished moving by Monday or Tuesday.

I'm looking forward to having my desk back and getting deep work done on LK. Even though I'm not yet ready to launch the 0.12 update, I still have some progress to share.


Justin and I met on Sunday to review the last couple of UX issues with 0.12. We ironed those out, and I implemented the changes earlier this week. I'm happy to say all of 0.12's unanswered questions are answered, and now I'm in the "small polishes and testing phase".

After that, we discussed our roadmap at length. At the end of February, we shared this tentative roadmap. (I can't believe February was four months ago. Getting covid, traveling, and moving has slowed me down a lot---I expected to be done with the first two items by now.)

Unified UX and the next editor update are still locked in, and I expect the editor to follow quickly after Unified UX. Honestly, everything on this roadmap is something I want to build, but I'm not yet sold on the order past the locked-in stuff. I've been thinking about timelines A LOT lately and I really want them sooner. Time is a major pillar of worldbuilding, and I'd love for LK to have an answer for it. That said, mobile support and public worlds would be tremendous for LK as far as accessibility goes. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the order here; email me or hit me up on Discord.


After reviewing our roadmap, Justin and I discussed time and calendars at length. Before we knew it, we had specced out* (wrote a specification for) the entire time feature. I'm... really excited about it. It'll be a fully custom solution, unlike anything you've seen in the worldbuilding space, and it should be quite simple and powerful. I'm glad we know exactly what we want to build now. 😉 More to come on that in due... time. (Sorry) ️ If you've got some hot takes on time, please stop by the Discord and let us know!

That's all for now. Have a great weekend! Our next monthly newsletter is dropping soon; sign up for it on the front page if you haven't already.


Written by Braden Herndon

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