Why Choose LegendKeeper VS World Anvil?

LegendKeeper is the World Anvil alternative that focuses on supporting your creative flow. Stop getting distracted by ads, giant forms, and pop-ups so you can get back to actually building your world.

I think that LegendKeeper is, for me, one of the best resources out there because everything is quick and snappy and you can make things really fast.
- Anto from Icarus Games

World Anvil is all about features.
LegendKeeper is all about flow.

World Anvil is one of the best-known worldbuilding apps, and we have nothing but respect for their accomplishments. They have a lot of features, and a dizzying number of optionstheir development philosophy embodies the "more is better" mindset. This is made clear when you log in and see all the things you can read and click.

The World Anvil dashboard. Note that this screenshot is not including premium features. So many things!

LegendKeeper takes a different approach. We believe that more does not always mean better. We believe that LegendKeeper should stay out of your way, so you can focus on writing.

We add features to our software with great care, ensuring every piece integrates well to support a streamlined worldbuilding flow. If a feature does not meet our high quality standard, or distracts from your creative flow, we remove it.

Here is the first thing you see in a new LegendKeeper project:

The first screen in a new LegendKeeper Project

No buttons. No ads. No giant menus to read through. The text in the middle is brighter than everything around it, drawing attention to what matters most: the act of creation.

In LegendKeeper, there are no forms to fill out. You just start writing... and then keep writing.

What sets LegendKeeper apart from World Anvil?

Here are nine ways LegendKeeper outperforms World Anvil:

  1. Create worlds fast - LegendKeeper is the fastest worldbuilding app on the market.
  2. The best looking maps - Honestly... we just really love maps.
  3. Fast editing experience - Format your content as you write and never fill out tedious forms again.
  4. Simple organization - Create whatever categories you want, or create none. LegendKeeper gives you freedom to decide how to organize your world.
  5. Offline mode - No internet connection? No problem.
  6. Real-time collaboration - Edit the same document at the same time as collaborators and see their cursor.
  7. Rapid creation tools - Slash commands, on-the-fly page linking, and cut-to-new-page are just a few of the tools that help you rapidly create.
  8. No arbitrary limits - do you know how many illustrations 1 GB gets you? How many maps 25 MB gets you? Neither do we - so we don't limit you on uploads unless there is a real technical limitation.
  9. Simple pricing - We don't believe in hiding core worldbuilding features like full text search, map markers, or organizational charts behind different tiers. Subscribe and you'll instantly get all the creative tools we have to offer.

Create worlds faster than you ever have before

With LegendKeeper: Great performance and fluid editing is essential to LegendKeeper. We have engineered a unique technical architecture and focused on core worldbuilding workflows to keeps things fast.

With World Anvil: You have to wait for requests to the server while navigating, and find your way through their menu to create new articles.

Enjoy stunning maps at massive resolutions

With LegendKeeper: Our Atlas supports massive maps up to 14,000 pixels and 100 MB - approximately 13x an industry standard HD display. You can nest them infinitely with no upload limits.

With World Anvil: 3.5mb map limit for their free tier and 25mb at their paid tiers. Lots of restrictions on map markers and features at lower tiers.

Focus on your writing experience

With LegendKeeper: Format your content as you write and never fill out tedious forms again. Instead of an off-the-shelf rich text editor, we built our own to enhance creative flow. We don't distinguish between the reading and writing experience.

With World Anvil: Work through menus to start making articles. Find the editor halfway down the screen (below all the forms and menus). Click through even more menus to format your content. Reading and writing experience are completely separate.

Organize your worldbuilding wiki however it makes sense to you

Demonstration of simple wiki organization with LegendKeeper.
You won't need to study complex taxonomies. Just create, then organize however you want.

With LegendKeeper: You don't have to learn or look at a long list of prescribed categories. You don't have to come up with a rigorous taxonomy while you write. We give you a blank canvas you can rapidly organize as the picture becomes clearer.

With World Anvil: Study the large, pre-existing menu of Types. Articles and Categories are separate concepts you have to learn. Watch out for the long list of restrictions when you are ready to add more structure with categories.

Keep creating with no internet connection

With LegendKeeper: Your work is stored in a queue as you write. It then syncs to our server once you can get a connection. This is part of the reason you can work so fast – your edits all go into a queue that is processed later. You'll never notice flakey internet connections while writing.

With World Anvil: Work comes to a standstill when you don't have internet. Risk losing it all if you don't notice your connection drop.

Collaborate in realtime

Demonstration of collaborative, multi-cursor editing in LegendKeeper
Create worlds with your friends! LegendKeeper supports realtime collaborative editing.

With LegendKeeper: You can work on the same document at the same time as your friend or fellow Game Master. You'll see their cursor just like in Google docs. LegendKeeper will even resolve conflicts if someone goes offline for a bit.

With World Anvil: Collaborate the old-fashioned way - with a separate view of the world or copy-pasting Google docs.

Expand your world at the speed of thought

Short video showing just one of our rapid creation flows.

With LegendKeeper: Rapid creation tools like slash commands, on-the-fly page linking, auto-linking, and cut-to-new-page are just a few of the tools that help you rapidly expand your world. We have worked hard to remove all the friction.

With World Anvil: Locate their Quick Actions menu and expand it then get presented with... even more forms.

Create without storage limits

With LegendKeeper: Your imagination has no limits so why should your worldbuilding software? We don't put limits on project count, or storage space**.

With World Anvil: Browse through a massive pricing table and try to deduce what limitations will effect you and which ones won't. Try to figure out what computer storage sizes actually mean for worldbuilding. Worry about how many projects you can experiment with. Have your creative flow interrupted when you have to stop and resize your high-res maps or upgrade your plan for more storage space.

Know what you are getting when you subscribe

With LegendKeeper: No matter what tier you subscribe at, LegendKeeper will always give you access to all the most important worldbuilding features. We believe in a simpler approach to pricing – pay a monthly subscription in return for high-quality software.

With World Anvil: Browse through a massive pricing table and try to figure out which limitations matter to you and which ones don't. Get drawn in by the free tier only to be disappointed by distracting ads and highly limited core features.

Switch to LegendKeeper today and feel the difference

Experience the increased speed and creative flow that comes from careful design decisions and engineering. You'll get 14 days to try it for free and you'll always have access to your work.