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20 Wickedly Whimsical NPCs for Wild Beyond the Witchlight

To celebrate the release of the new Dungeons & Dragons adventure, Wild Beyond the Witchlight, we created 20 original NPCs for you to drop into your game. Each NPC includes a short description and a statblock if you need one.

Wild Beyond the Witchlight Map by Stacey Allen & Will Doyle. Copyright Wizards of the Coast.

To celebrate the release of the new Dungeons & Dragons adventure, Wild Beyond the Witchlight, we created 20 original NPCs for you to drop into your game. Each NPC includes a short description and a statblock if you need one.

There are 10 NPCs you might find at The Witchlight Carnival, and 10 you might find in the Feywild domain of Prismeer. Enjoy the Carnival!

Table of Contents

10 NPCs encountered at The Witchlight Carnival

Gillygib, The Gnome Who Knows the Deeply Unknown (CR ½)

This small Gnome with distinctive fey-like features (pointed ears, gossamer whiskers, ridiculous garb) is willing to conduct interested PCs through a secret back entry into the Big Top. His price: a handful of bright, shiny golden buttons and 4 copper coins.

He was once a porcelain garden gnome named “Vincent” by a child, and saying that name in a stern manner grants power over him as a Charm Person spell. His temperament is somewhat unpredictable: there is a 25% chance each hour he takes offense at some perceived indiscretion and involves the PCs in a potentially violent disagreement with another carnival-goer.

Gillygib Stats

Neutral Good Male Deep Gnome. Carries a Bag of Beans (and is not afraid to use it), coins, jewelry and gems worth 1,000 gp.

Hanzie Ygolt (CR 2)

There's been another eruption of Mephits from the Mystery Mine, and the beleaguered Hanzi has been dispatched to wrangle them. This massive brute is actually quite decent at heart and is a valued member of the carnival staff.

For the next 24 hours, PCs at the carnival are likely to be accosted by rogue Mephits (25% chance of an encounter each hour, equal chance of each type) – Hanzi appears within 5 minutes of each encounter, wielding a Bag of Holding to capture the little gremlins. On a third or subsequent encounter with the PCs, Hanzi decides they are the problem and attempts to stuff the smallest of them into his bag.

Hanzi Ygolt Stats

Chaotic Good Male Ogre (no weapons). Carries a Bag of Holding.

Hanzi's Mephits

Fhrost Fragerak (CR 3)

Fhrost Fragerak is a slightly sinister appearing and hunchbacked Hobgoblin, dressed in voluminous green and purple robes that he swirls somewhat mysteriously. He is a purveyor of alchemical mixtures, working as a freelancer among the carnival's crowds. He sidles up to the PCs and opens his robes, offering them a choice of vials for purchase at 250 gp each:

  1. Granulated Compound of Enthrallment, as Enthrall spell
  2. Flashing Dust, blinded 2d6 minutes
  3. Tincture of Fear, as Fear spell
  4. Shrinking Draught, shrink 50% in size for 6d6 minutes
  5. Stinking Solution, as Stinking Cloud spell
  6. Midas Fluid, turns skin golden color for 6d6 hours

Vials may be thrown at or poured on a single victim to deliver the effect only to them, which may be avoided with a DC 15 DEX check. If rebuffed in his sales pitch, Fhrost throws a random vial at the nearest PC and runs away, cackling gleefully at his little prank.

Fhrost Fragerak Stats

Chaotic Neutral Male Hobgoblin, as Theurgist with appropriate racial adjustments. Carries 6 alchemical mixtures (described above) and 1,500 gp.

Gimbo Applebeet (CR 3)

Gimbo Applebeet, a filthy and shrill young Halfling child whose parents are carnival workers, catches frogs along the muddy shore of Silversong Lake. If there are no Halflings among the PCs, he shrieks and flees back toward the Staff Area as soon as he sees them. Five minutes later, an angry mob of 1d6+10 carnies arrives to rough up the PCs, having learned from Gimbo that, “A buncha big 'uns tried to throw me in a sack!”

One PC may attempt a DC 25 CHA (Persuasion) check. Success means they talk their way out of a confrontation and Gimbo receives a paddling from his mother. Failure means the mob launches grapple attacks on the PCs and tries to steal everything but the clothes off their backs... and maybe those, too!

If the PCs do include a Halfling among their number, Gimbo follows them and makes an endless nuisance of himself by loudly antagonizing other carnival goers and then hiding behind the PCs for protection.

Gimbo Applebeet Stats

Chaotic Good Male Halfling as Commoner (2HP, no weapon) with appropriate racial adjustments. Carries a sack with 1d6 frogs.

1d6 + 10 Carnies as Drunken Rabble and of various alignments, genders, and races.

Ol’ Hooter (CR 3)

An Owlbear taps the friendliest-looking PC on the shoulder and asks for directions to the Feasting Orchard. This polite yet frightening beast is quite a peculiar example of its species: the truth is that some ridiculous form of fey magic got loose in the Pixie Kingdom and uplifted a draft animal to humanoid intelligence.

Ol' Hooter doesn't want to go back to pulling carriages all day, it just wants something good to eat. Requests to return to its station will be refused politely but firmly, and with traditional Owlbear violence if required. Attendants at the Pixie Kingdom grant a 1,500 gp reward for its safe return, though the PCs may be haunted by the depressing sight of its newfound magical intelligence being removed and its cumbersome yoke and harness being replaced.

Ol’ Hooter Stats


Xaekra Xaernoth (CR 3)

Perplexed and irritated by the bizarre goings on at The Witchlight Carnival, Dragonborn bounty hunter Xaekra Xaernoth simply wants to apprehend her bounty and be done with this silliness. Unfortunately, she is slightly uncertain about her quarry: if the PCs include a male elf (of any lineage) in their group, Xaekra attempts to apprehend them in a case of mistaken identity. Talking their way out of a long trip back to imprisonment in Aglarond requires succeeding at a DC 30 Charisma (Persuasion) check. Open combat draws a large crowd of rowdy onlookers eager to wager on the outcome.

Xaekra Xaernoth Stats

Neutral Female Dragonborn as Pistolero with appropriate racial adjustments. Carries wrist and ankle shackles.

Mighty Orgge (CR 6)

Loud, tearful sobbing reveals this impressively muscular Cyclops, curled up in a small copse of trees. Orgge was just fired from her job as the carnival strongwoman (fey workplace politics can be distressingly arbitrary) and now she has no idea what to do with her life. Sympathetic PCs gain a new friend who is eager to prove her worth, which typically involves hitting people with her club and throwing large rocks a great distance. After three days of dependable companionship, she will wander off to find a greater purpose, or perhaps to just go throw more large rocks in peace.

Mighty Orgge Stats

Chaotic Neutral Cyclops.

Y’ilgog (CR 6)

Y'ilgog is a disguised undead, drawn to the carnival on an errand of vengeance. This evil creature is a silent stalker and deadly assassin that has dedicated itself to the murder of adventurers, and it targets the PCs as its next prey. It will trail the party and await their entry into a location where it can attack stealthily and at advantage (Pixie Kingdom, Hall of Illusions, Mystery Mine, etc.). It especially savors attacking Clerics and Paladins first, and will linger over their corpses to remove their heads as trophies.

Y’ilgog Stats

Neutral Evil Revenant dressed in hooded robes. Carries a Vorpal Sword.

Yodoolus of the Yonder Void (CR 7)

This peculiar purple-skinned Human in exotic garb shadows the PCs for several minutes, finally approaching them at a quiet moment to offer his services. He flourishes a business card that simply has his name written on it: “Shouldst perils befall ye, say my name and then shall I appear and grant ye assistance.”

He insists his help is offered only out of great kindness and he will only ask a “small favor” after his assistance is granted. When the time comes and he is called in need, he appears and does his best to help, after which he names a horrifyingly sadistic price.

Yodoolus Stats

Neutral Evil Male Human Void Speaker with appropriate racial adjustments.

Verispas Artesian (CR 9)

It's not often this powerful spellcaster ventures forth in daylight hours. But the curious spectacle of The Witchlight Carnival was too powerful a lure to withstand. Unfortunately, Verispas's beloved pet Rust Monster is missing, and all enjoyment of this event is ruined for her until the creature is recovered (the rowdy critter is currently being held at the Lost Property station, although it escapes in 6d6 minutes and causes a substantial commotion on the carnival grounds).

Verispas' desperation is evident and she shares her trouble and asks for assistance if approached. She provides free tickets to the Hall of Illusions to helpful PCs.

Verispas Artesian Stats

Chaotic Good Female Owlfolk as Incantor with appropriate racial adjustments.

10 NPCs encountered in Prismeer

Imbleby the Sporceap Merchant (CR ½)

This Gnome mushroom seller is on his way to market and is willing to trade his fungal wares... unfortunately, he's from a very obscure Bone Taster Clan and is only interested in new flavors of marrow in exchange. Part of a finger or toe is enough for PCs to gain one of the following of his special crop:

  1. Green Buttons. Heal 50% hit points.
  2. Frilly Trumpets. Shimmering aura 6d6 hours grants advantage on CHA checks.
  3. White Stalks. Heightened awareness 2d4 hours (advantage on relevant checks).
  4. Sweet Puffballs. Levitate as spell.
  5. Milky Chanterelles. Invisible to Undead 1d6 hours.
  6. Giant Boys. Choose new form as Polymorph spell.

Imbleby Stats

Chaotic Neutral Male Gnome as Greater Commoner with appropriate racial adjustments. Carries a large pack filled with multiple mushroom samples (see above).

Emberweaver (CR 1)

This rascally Sprite makes his presence known through a series of vexing pranks. He remains invisible whenever possible and initiates his game by using his ring to cast Telekinesis to liberate and imbibe a random potion from the party. He will then torment them using any powers gained by the potion, followed by Heat Metal cast on the PC wearing the most armor, and finally Plant Growth to trap the party in a riot of foliage.

If captured, Emberweaver bargains for his life with his knowledge of several secret paths into the Palace of Heart's Desire.

Emberweaver Stats

Chaotic Neutral Male Sprite. Wears a Ring of Major Spell Storing (contains Telekinesis, Heat Metal and Plant Growth)

Svendervus (CR 1)

This is not your average Quasit – it's actually slightly dumber than the norm. Banished from the lower planes, it's decided to assume the life of a Prismeer denizen. It recognizes any spellcaster among the PCs and immediately offers its services as a familiar. In fact, it insists on helping its new master, although its deeply chaotic and evil nature assures it gets the PCs in far more trouble than it's worth by antagonizing any other being the PCs come across. It will instigate fights with the most deadly of foes, and then run for cover until it's safe again to emerge.

Svendervus Stats

Chaotic Evil Male Quasit.

Brunvil Orvengard / Vilbrun Sturme (CR 3)

Brunvil Orvengard is a humble Dwarf who has sworn an oath upon all the gods he holds dear to avenge himself on the villain Vilbrun Sturme, a notorious murderer he has pursued for years. He speaks eagerly of his quest to potential allies (“I know he's nearby, I can FEEL his evil...”), offering to share in the fiend's accumulated spoils. His manner is earnest and authentic (though slightly wide-eyed and frantic), however Brunvil is quite unstable: there is a 50% chance each evening at the witching hour that the suppressed personality of Vilbrun Sturme emerges on some mission of horrific bloodletting.

If slain while the Vilbrun personality is active, the corpse flickers momentarily with eerie fey light as an unseelie spirit emerges and disperses into the ether.

Brunvil Stats

Lawful Good Male Dwarf Commoner (no armor, handaxe instead of club) with appropriate racial adjustments. Carries a pack and pouch containing small gems worth 1,000 gp.

Vilbrun Stats

Chaotic Evil Male Dwarf as Blessed Berserker (handaxe instead of club) with appropriate racial adjustments. Carries a pack and pouch containing small gems worth 1,000 gp.

Contessa de Halmori (CR 5)

Her family was stolen by unseelie reavers, who took their heads and their souls. As the last survivor of her line, she is haunted and hunted by packs of fey creatures drawn to some obscure curse she bears.

Fed up with her curse, the Contessa has decided to become the huntress. In her journeys across Prismeer she has fought many types of fey, and will happily share insights with allies she can trust to be as bloody-minded as herself. Her weapons are silver-etched and enchanted for maximum destruction, and she's a crack shot with a crossbow. Her adventures are often preceded by bloody visions, and she's not shy about sacrificing her companions to further her mission of vengeance.

Contessa de Halmori Stats

Neutral Female Human as Daring Swashbuckler (all weapons as silver and Vicious Weapon). Wears Ring of Spell Turning, carries coins, gems and jewelry worth 5,500 gp.

Ilvendra Pox (CR 7)

Victim of a particularly nasty fey prank, as well as some karmic debt, Ilvendra is now immortal and cursed to wander Prismeer dragging heavy iron chains on the road. She is unable to cast off this burden and the eternal life that comes with it until someone, anyone, voluntarily assumes both. Fey recognize the curse and give her wide a berth, and non-fey are hard to come by in her travels: she's been at this now for over 100 years.

Ilvendra is non-threatening when encountered (she has nothing to fear) and strikes up a conversation with the PCs, trying her best to coax them into an unwise action that would set her free. She may torment irritating PCs with her spells, or she may not: in her present situation, nothing anyone else can do really bothers her too much...

Ilvendra Pox Stats

Lawful Evil Female Yuan-Ti Pureblood as Blood Mage with appropriate racial adjustments. If "killed" she arises again unharmed at dawn the following day.

Lady Gwendevyr Aelmarion (CR 7)

The Lady Gwendevyr Aelmarion, restless in death despite the passing of many years, haunts the catching brambles and dark woods of Prismeer. This unquiet spirit cannot pass into the afterlife until she first surpasses the fey curse that binds her to this realm, though her understanding of how to accomplish this is lost to the ages.

In fact, all that's required is successful application of a Remove Curse spell, which causes the Lady and her horse to evaporate amid a burst of radiant energy, leaving behind only her magical and non-magical jewelry. Otherwise, she attacks without remorse or relent.

Lady Gwendevyr Aelmarion Stats

Lawful Evil Female Undead as Ghost Knight (lance and battleaxe each as Vicious Weapon). Wears a Ring of Resistance (Radiant) and additional jewelry worth 3,000 gp.

Old Gammykins (CR 7)

This cackling crone lives in a decrepit, giant boot that has appeared at odd times and in unexpected places throughout Hither, Thither and Yon for as long as anyone can remember. Her name is invoked in bogeyman fashion to frighten young fey, and her aspect is absolutely obscene to common mortals. To some she grants rare boons and secret lore, to others she claims favors of a dreadful price.

Old Gammykins is a witch in the classic sense: crooked and warty nose, stringy black hair, a great round head nearly as big as her body, and filthy claws of rusted iron. Visitors to her home can only guess her fickle mood:

  1. Old Gammykins is hungry, one of the PCs will make a nice meal.
  2. Interruptions vex her, she flings a Curse that affects the entire party.
  3. Even the smallest request is ignored, now Old Gammykins needs her daily nap.
  4. Old Gammykins will answer one question, make it quick.
  5. Polite company is rare, Old Gammykins will listen and consider helping.
  6. Such nice young people, Old Gammykins casts multiple spells to aid the party.

Old Gammykins Stats

Neutral Evil Female of unknown race as Witch of the Woods. Inside Old Gammykins' home are innumerable tomes, folios, magical curios and sorcerous devices, along with a magnificent trove of coins, gems and jewelry.

Picander Ostrellis (CR 10)

Most Rabbitfolk struggle to look imposing as warriors, however this grandiose individual is an exemplar of the martial spirit. Plate and shield glint majestically in the light, taut muscles ripple beneath magnificently glossy fur, whiskers are arrow-straight and there's a gleam of authority in Picander's eyes.

Picander quests throughout Prismeer, righting any wrongs he discovers. He's a tireless enemy of the unseelie and seems almost clairvoyant in his ability to sniff out their schemes. He's respected by good folk throughout the land and many common folk would arise in anger to avenge him should any misfortune occur. Picander is a good judge of character and hears about much of what goes on in Prismeer: his initial reaction to the PCs is appropriate to their intentions.

Picander Ostrellis Stats

Lawful Good Male Rabbitfolk as Champion Warrior with appropriate racial adjustments (each weapon and armor is +2). Wears a Ring of Free Action and Periapt of Wound Closure. Carries a Potion of Heroism and Potion of Invulnerability, and 1,000 gp in jewelry.

Grimger and Stotch (CR 14)

Traveling across Hither, Thither and Yon on a mission of diplomatic urgency, these massive but surprisingly good-natured Stone Giants are unlikely to waste time smashing random adventuring parties into pulp. Their thunderous footfalls provide ample warning of their approach, as do their loud and companionable voices raised in boisterous conversation.

If the party includes any fey folk, they stop briefly to discuss current events and confirm their location and direction (“The Queen's Way is in a straight line from here guided by the direction of the moon, yes?”), however they won't stay for long. If the party has a brief but interesting story to share about happenings in Prismeer, Grimger rewards them with a gold coin minted in their home realm on the Elemental Plane of Earth: “Come by Granitespire Castle any time, tell them Grimger sent you and you'll receive a friendly welcome and an audience with the Duke.”

If obstructed or provoked, they have no problem making time for some smashing.

Grimger and Stotch Stats

Both Grimger and Stotch are Neutral Male Stone Giants.

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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