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d66 books you might find in a fantasy library

In this article we introduce you to the d66 random table format, and give you two tables of Fantasy Book Titles to use in your own games.

d66 fantasy book titles - a free random table for Dungeon Masters from LegendKeeper

Most Dungeon Masters will be familiar with d20 random tables. A d20 table has you roll a twenty-sided die, and then use the result to look up some detail that helps you improvise your world on the fly. These useful tables can be found throughout source books like the Dungeon Master's Guide, and all over the internet.

Today we want to introduce you to a lesser known format, and give you two tables to bring to your own world.

What is a d66 table?

d66 tables work the same as d20 tables - you roll some dice then look up the result - but they require d6's rather than d20's.

To roll on a d66 table, roll 2d6. Use one d6 as the tens column, and the other as the ones column to get your result. For example, if I rolled a 2 and a 4, the result is 24.

d66 tables are popular in OSR games such as Troika! The philosophy behind the use of d6's is one of accessibility: not everyone has access to specialized dice like d20s but almost anyone can find a d6 lying around somewhere. Not to mention the satisfaction of rolling a perfect cube.

A standard version of a d66 table has 36 possible results in it. Here are two tables you can use to generate the title of a book you might find in a fantasy library.

d66 Fantasy Book Titles

These books will fit perfectly into any fantasy library, such as Strixhaven University, Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or the secret library in Death House from Curse of Strahd.

d6 ✖️ 10 + d6 Book Title
11 The Silvermist Five
12 Wick! What the Candlemaker Saw
13 Confessions from a Professional Assassin
14 A Collection of Poems, Mostly About Horses
15 A Trick of the Light: Book I of the Daybreak Chronicles
16 An untitled collection of recipes
21 My Time in the Swamp
22 Sorcery and You: Managing Your Magic
23 Fizban's Guide to the Stars
24 Tracked! A Field Guide
25 One Night in Luskan
26 To Raze a Village
31 The Bogwater Incident
32 The Trident's Code
33 Fighting With Nets
34 How to Share a Tent: An Adventurer's Guide
35 Fireside Stories
36 What I Learned in the Chandlery
41 Broken Oath
42 Sister Agatha's Herbal Medicines
43 The Peasant's Revolt
44 Lutestrings: A Bard's Tale
45 In the Service of a Lesser God
46 The Millworker's Brother
51 Three Desperate Kobolds
52 Island of Rogues
53 Myths, Monsters, and Mayhem: A Memoir
54 Multiclass: How to Be Bad at Everything and Still Love Yourself
55 The Perils of Planeshifting
56 Locked! Interviews with my Patron
61 The Horses We Rode
62 Ten Simple Stews
63 The Greatest Adventurer Who Never Lived
64 Patching Up the Dead
65 The Holy House
66 Hair of the Dog (and Other Material Components)

d66 Fantasy Book Titles with Pop Culture References

This table is all about the jokes. See how many references you can spot.

d6 ✖️ 10 + d6 Book Title
11 Taxidermy for Dummies
12 Breaking Bard
13 Redwyrm
14 War and XP
15 50 Sheathes of Greatswords
16 The Art of Dwarves
21 Infinite Joust
22 Do Warforged Dream of Artificed Sheep?
23 Pirates of the Sword Coast
24 Rolling in the Waterdeep
25 100 Years an Adventurer
26 Front and Centaur
31 Surviving the Apocalypse
32 To Kill a Will-O’-Wisp
33 Death of a Cleric
34 One Flew Over the Drake's Nest
35 Charles and the Sweetbread Mill
36 The Second Breakfast Club
41 Weird Magic
42 Prayers and Premonitions
43 Poor Dad, Lich Dad
44 A Fistful of Diamonds
45 Journey to the Nine Planes
46 The Last of the Goblins
51 Corbett-Gray, or the Ogre
52 Who's Afraid of the Landshark?
53 Quests and Questibility
54 A Brief History of Slime
55 Water for Owlbears
56 Ex-Cleric: An Autobiography
61 Best Slaad Story
62 To All the Orcs I've Stabbed Before
63 The Flumph Who Loved Me
64 The Girl with the Dragonborn Tattoo
65 Lich Planet, Vol. I
66 The Old Man and the Astral Sea

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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