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LK Weekly: An interactive demonstration!

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I've been hard at work making this new LK client happen! I'm very close to the finish line! Close enough to show you a demo of a public world on the new mobile-ready client.


(EDIT: Okay, nevermind. The blog renderer makes the link preview look awful everywhere. RIP)

If you're on mobile, it should just work. If you're on desktop, horizontally resize your window to see how the app adapts to the space. It's a huge improvement over whats on the production LK at app.legendkeeper.com.

Soon you'll be able to share your world link with your party members, and even the whole world. Worlds on worlds on worlds. This will make LK content SO much easier to share. If you've been hanging around the Discord, you've probably seen this already, but hey! Visible progress!

What's still missing:

  • The hover-popover and map-flyout previews aren't done yet.
  • Tag filtering and searching.
  • Improving some map bugs and performance issues
  • A few editor block types haven't been implemented yet
  • Handful of other things.

If you see slowness in the demo, keep in mind I always do performance optimization last.

None of this is major, just needs to get done. Once this base functionality is in to the new client, I'll go to the production client and add a [Share] button that you can use to get a public link to your project. All of this functionality is opt-in, of course.

Soon your party members will have no excuse not to read your world lore. 8)

Written by Braden Herndon

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