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LK Weekly: Progress report, Discord changes

Progress report, feedback changes

Hey everyone! Got another short weekly update this week. Not a lot of new things to update on--mainly just more of the same.

As you can see below, the mobile UI is coming together quite nicely. The mobile UI will launch with public worlds, operating on the "read-only" version of LegendKeeper. Over the coming weeks after the Mobile + Public Worlds launch, the new mobile-capable client will be extended to support editing as well. I think you'll love the increased performance, stability, and responsive UI of the new client. If you've been following the weeklies, you know all this already though. ;P


Changes to feedback and Discord

Since the launch of Discord's new forum feature, I've decided to deprecate our Nolt Feedback board and replace it with a Feedback forum on our Discord server. While Nolt is very cool, I greatly prefer these discussions take place on Discord, where the vast majority of LK convos are happening anyway.

I have moved most of the top-voted feedbacks to the new Discord channel, and have backed up the entire Nolt board for posterity. I will put all of it in a Google Sheets spreadsheet so that it can be accessible indefinitely. If you left feedback on the Nolt board, you might go check if I moved it to the new feedback channel. If not, I recommend you make a new forum channel post! The Discord feedback channels are already getting more traffic and discussion than the Nolt board ever did.


Next week I'll be traveling back to Copenhagen where I'll be visiting for the next 5 weeks or so. Barring my actual travel day, I don't expect this to interrupt me much. During my last trip to Denmark, I was helping my girlfriend move, so there was lots to do. It's been a few months and everythings settled in now, so I'll just be doing my normal work schedule over there, albeit in a different timezone.

Thank you for your support! See you next week!


Written by Braden Herndon

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