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LegendKeeper Client

New block types for the right sidebar:

  • Text Field - add custom text. More functionality like @-mentions coming after the new editor drops.
  • Spotify - Embed Spotify songs in your element sidebars.
  • YouTube - Embed YouTube videos in your element sidebars. Embeds for body of page coming soon.

The element link block can now be added and edited via menus, making it easier to discover.

Pin filtering. Re-added filter functionality to the map sidebar.

Autoversioning. LegendKeeper's version system will now automatically take snapshots of your content. The rule is once per day on change. LK will keep up to 14 revisions. Accepting feedback on autoversioning rules.

Outdated permission purging. When a user leaves a project, LK keeps around their permission settings. This allows for users to come back without forcing the admin to re-do everything related to permissions. However, the public worlds client uses these settings as a guide for what to make private. In some cases, the public worlds server will not display a page because it is hidden to an ex-member. We've added a tool under Users & Roles in Settings that allows you to purge old permissions blocking the display of public pages. If you have 1) a multiplayer project that 2) has pages mysteriously not show up in public, give this a try.

In the future, the server should just be smarter and handle this situation, but this solution is a stop-gap.

Public Worlds Client

  • Add support for Text Field, YouTube, and Spotify block types.
  • Add simple name search for elements. Press the magnifying glass in the top right corner, or press Ctrl + K.
  • Various bugfixes

Written by Braden Herndon

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