1 min read


  • You can now use Subpage Index and Tag Index blocks in the property sidebar. The edit tags button can be accessed by clicking the "grip" menu that appears when hovering the block.
  • The "Add link" button on the Resource Link block has been moved to the grip context menu, to unclutter the interface.
  • Resource link blocks are no longer automatically deleted when removing the last link from them.
  • Subpage Index and Tag Index links now have a hover preview.
  • Tag Index filter rule now defaults to boolean "AND" matching rule.
  • Moved the "Search" button from the top right to the bottom left. Just trying out this position to see if search is more discoverable here.
  • Applied a few small style changes to the legacy editor to make it more in-line with the Public Worlds client; mostly rounding off corners.

Written by Braden Herndon

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