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LK Weekly: Makin' vids

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Hey folks! Just chiming in for a weekly update. Now that I've done a few sprints related to development, I've spent most of this week doing some marketing stuff. Made a few instructional YouTube videos for LK's features, and also worked on some website copy. Marketing isn't the most fun thing (though I do enjoy making videos), but it's an important part of LK's business health. Gotta get the word out!๐Ÿ˜…

You can see the videos I made here and here. I'm trying to make the thumbnails as dumb as possible because... why notโ€“it seems to be a YouTube tradition.

I updated some of the copy on the landing page to be a little more "value"-oriented and less feature-oriented. I think the cool part of LK is not the wiki / maps / whiteboards themselves, but what you can do with them. I tried to modify the copy to reflect this! Let me know what you think.


Last week I added the Tag Index block, and also enabled the Tag Index and Subpage Blocks on the property bar. This is all part of the "editor improvements" saga, that focuses on improving the editing and creation experience. This will culminate in a full overhaul of the editor, which is in progress.

Written by Braden Herndon

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