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(I forgot to increment the version number in the app, will fix soon)

  • Fix to-do items sometimes undoing themselves.
  • Fix indenting lists inside of tables.
  • Reduced opacity of light mode autolinker hint
  • Clicking an autolink hint no longer navigates to the target page.
  • Clicking an autolink hint preview now navigates  to the target page.
  • Autolink hints no longer apply to text with an external link.
  • Autolink hints now favor only the first recognized element; subsequent autolink candidates still show a preview, but no underline.
  • Re-enabled Ctrl+Enter to open search while typing in editor.
  • Fixed z-layer problem with the pin editor icon picker.
  • Reduced the mouse gap for the hover preview, which should prevent interference from other previews.
  • You can once again hit tab to finish a mention auto-complete.
  • Temporarily removed support for spaces in the mention autocomplete while I work on some better logic for it.
  • Fixed property block filter field.
  • Re-added "Create from Template" to the slash command menu.
  • Extended slash command menu to show more than 20 items at once.
  • Image placeholders can now be floated left and right
  • Partially fixed issue when dragging and dropping a floated image; less bad but still broken.

Written by Braden Herndon

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