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I've replaced our old text editor with a new, bespoke one that is easier to control and extend, codenamed the LegendKit Editor. This update includes hundreds of changes behind the curtain, but I'll try to hit some of the visible highlights:


  • An inline autolinker now detects link candidates in real-time. You can confirm a link candidate by hitting the link button in the preview.
  • The prior implementation of Autolink remains as the "bulk autolinker".
  • Both autolinkers use an enhanced matching algorithm that does not match in the middle of words anymore.
  • The autolinker now always prefers the longest match it can find.
  • I'll add some controls in the near future so you can toggle this on and off, exempt certain names, etc.

Dice Roller

  • Here's LK's take on unintrusive dice-rolling: You can create dice-roller text by typing Roll20 Dice Specification text anywhere in a wiki page or text field property. You can execute the roll by clicking the text.
  • For example, typing "4d6" and clicking the text will roll 4 six-sided die.
  • Typing "3d10+2d8+5d6+10" and clicking the text will roll 3 ten-sided, 2 eight-sided, and 5 six-sided die, and add 10 to the result.
  • The dice notation detector is sophisticated, and supports most expressions in the Roll20 Dice Specification. It supports exploding die, penetrating die, keep-highest, keep-lowest, arithmetic, etc.
  • You can type DC followed by a number, like DC15, and click it to roll a D20 and receive a pass/fail result.
  • The dice roller does not work on Safari or any iOS mobile browsers due to Safari not supporting modern WebGL features.

In-app Help

  • You can now view the LegendKeeper knowledgebase and support ticket system in app.
  • I can now broadcast announcements directly into the app. This will generally be reserved for updates and system-wide notifications.


  • Tables can now be of smaller width than the width of the page.
  • Tables are much less likely show an unnecessary horizontal scroll bar.
  • Table controls are less visually noisy.
  • Auto-numbered columns have been removed for complexity reasons.
  • Tables now have three presentation modes that you can cycle through by clicking the table mode button: Default, Banded, and Transparent.
  • The table menu now has a "Random" button that will highlight a random row of the table.
  • Table cells will support background colors in a near-future minor update.


  • Info Panels are now called "Callouts" in the slash commands menu.
  • You can type !!{space} at the beginning of a line to insert a callout.
  • Not much has changed here, though panels will support the icon picker and color controls in a near-future minor update.


  • Expands now have a secondary control that determines if the expand should start open or closed by default. The control arrow now opens and closes the expand only locally and cosmetically.
  • You can now press backspace at the start of an Expand to lift its contents by one level, much like a quote.
  • You can now exit an expand by typing double-enter at the end of an expand's content.
  • You can now type >>{space} at the beginning of a line to insert an expand.


  • @-mention autocomplete now supports spaces.
  • @-mentions should more consistently paste to external applications.
  • @-mentions will now attempt to rewrite their own text if they detect that their original text value matches an outdated Element name. This should reduce occurences of outdated search matches.
  • Preview hovers should no longer collide with page content.
  • Preview hovers now have a border to enhance contrast.
  • The hover-preview delay has been reduced significantly. Let me know what you think.


  • To-do items now match the LK color scheme.


  • You can now insert inline icons by typing / and selecting Icon from the slash commands menu. You can click on an Icon to open the icon picker.
  • LegendKeeper will remember the last icon you used.


  • Image resizing logic has been changed to be more predictable, especially when nested within Layouts. This logic change means you may need to adjust your nested images.
  • LK now attempts to upload and re-host images that are drag-dropped or pasted into the text editor.
  • The image link and alt-text features have been removed, as they were not fully functional. They will return.
  • Images now have an empty state, allowing easier use within templates.
  • Images can now be replaced inline by pressing the "Image" icon button in the Image block menu.
  • Blockquotes, secrets, and other block content types now respect horizontal boundaries when images are floated left or right. Previously, they would collide and overlap.


  • You can now insert a secret by typing ??{space} at the beginning of a line.
  • You can now "lift" a secret by pressing backspace at the beginning of a secret.  
  • You can exit a secret by pressing double-enter at the end of a secret.
  • Secrets will support custom permissions in a near-future minor update.

Table of Contents

  • The table of contents block uses a more intuitive nesting algorithm for presenting headings from the page.

Text Field Property

  • The text field property now supports a wider array of editor features including @-mentions, slash commands, tables, panels, and icons.

Formatting Menu

  • The formatting menu that appears when you select text has been redesigned.

This update is just the first in the 0.14.x.x series. The next several minor patches will go further to improve some of the more dated aspects of the wiki experience.

Written by Braden Herndon

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