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LK Weekly: The Finish Line

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Heyo! Quick update for you!

The 0.14 editor update is feature complete and has completed round 1 of QA. I'll be doing another rigorous round of testing and hopefully launching next week! I'm really excited to get this update out; it's going to improve LK's feel a lot, and help me move on to more powerful, streamlined features. Not to mention finally getting to work on Timeline. :D

Most improvements are around stability and un-jankifying the typing experience, but I wanted to give a teaser of some handy new stuff coming:

  • New, better contrast styles for the editor.
  • The editor will upload images automatically when they are dropped or copy pasted into the editor.
  • Images will have an "empty" state so they can be more effectively used in templates.
  • You can swap images out with a button press.
  • Inline auto-link; the autolinker will give a subtle inline hint for recognized NPCs, locations, and other elements. You can hover over the hint to preview the article and confirm the link if you like. I'll add a toggle for this so you can tweak it a bit.
  • New typing shortcuts. In addition to typing ">" at the beginning of a line to make a block quote, you'll be able to add secrets by typing ??, expands by typing >>, and callout panels by typing !!.
  • You'll be able to add links using the traditional markdown link format, [x] (y).
  • Mentions will support spaces.
  • You'll be able to double-enter out of expands and secrets.
  • Select-All, Ctrl+A should work better.
  • Copy-pasting should work better.
  • You'll be able to select a random table row by pressing a button. Handy for random tables.
  • And dozens of smaller things you probably won't notice.

Shortly after  0.14 is stable, we'll be entering the "small, rapid update" phase that usually follows these big updates. I'll be working on:

  • Linking to headings
  • Article aliases, or alternate names for articles.
  • Targeted secrets (i.e. "Who can see this secret?")
  • Member to admin secrets (Admins will always have full access to projects, but member secrets will show as spoiler tags to admins. This will come full circle when I add the activity feed; it will create a notification if an admin looks at a spoilered secret ;))
  • Text color and alignment
  • Dragging and dropping editor blocks for easy rearranging
  • Smart banner links that allow you to link to your articles, or external sites, in a rich visual way with a customizable image.
  • Potentially, paragraph transclusion, or the ability to embed part of an article into another article. This one's more iffy as it requires a bit more legwork than the others.

These minor update should come pretty quick, as I've laid a lot of groundwork here.

Talk soon.


Written by Braden Herndon

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