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LK Weekly: Editor Progress

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Hey folks, just wanted to give a quick progress update on the big editor patch.

All the core functionality is implemented, and I'm down to bugfixing and wiring up the parts where the editor needs to talk to the rest of the app. I'll have our preview-testing group start banging on the editor next week, and if all goes well, I'll have the 0.14 out the week after.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the editor. It's a big invesment into the LK codebase, and will improve the core experience a lot. Keep in mind, new formatting features like alignment, text color, etc. will not be in the 0.14.0 update due to backwards compatibility reasons. This update lays the groundwork for those happening, though. I'm trying to minimize the amount of new features in 0.14.0 so I don't muddy the waters too much. Once the big update is out and settled, then I can start adding new stuff (and I'll be able to do it very fast :) ).

Honestly I don't have much more to say; this is a very "behind the scenes update"; it's just me replacing many thousands of lines of decrepit code from 2019. It's not all plumbing though; I'll be releasing a showcase video alongside the editor update where I dive a little deeper into the changes.

The State of LK

Can you believe LK has been out for almost four years? I started work on LK in 2018, and LK had its first users in the Summer of 2019! Here's to many more! :)

Fairly soon, I'll be sending out a "State of LK" survey on Discord to see how y'all are feeling and what you're most interested in us working on next. The coming months will follow the cadence that we've naturally fallen into: A big update, followed by a couple months of small updates, then a big update again, and so on.

Current major project: 0.14, Editor.
Next minor project: 0.14.x, incremental editor, QoL improvements
Next major project: 0.15, Timelines.

Other stuff that hasn't been prioritized yet:

  • Community: Sharing and interaction features,  commenting, activity feed, a community hub for exploring worlds, access gating for creators wanting to integrate with Patreon, Discord, etc.
  • App unification + desktop app: Moving all legendkeeper functionality to the new unified codebase, enabling mobile editing and a downloadable desktop app for long-term personal data storage.
  • Atlas V2: regions, text boxes, labels, layers, shape drawing, faster map processing
  • Boards V2: Improved performance and UX, more fully-featured rich embeds, like embedding maps and whole articles.
  • ??: Secret atlas V3 project I'm scared to even think about yet 😅.

Keep in mind, the roadmap is always subject to change. 😇

Written by Braden Herndon

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