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  • Streamlined element creation
    • Elements now start with an empty state, rather than being created via a context menu.
      • Removed various outdated context menu creation options.
    • In the empty state, you can select what content type you'd like to start with, or select a template to apply.
    • Hitting the create button or Right Click > Create on an element instantly creates a new element and highlights the title.
      • Hitting enter while the cursor is in the title field will jump the cursor to the temporary page input.
      • Starting to type while in the temporary page input will automatically declare the content type as "Page".
      • Hitting any other content type button will set the corresponding content type.
  • Added a new set of default templates to new projects in an easy-to-delete folder.
    • Hacky workaround for now, but to make a template not show up in the template selector, end its name with a space.
    • Another hacky workaround: If you'd like to check out the default templates in an existing project, append "?welcome=true" to your URL. This will also generate the welcome tutorial.
  • Streamlined tab creation
    • Hitting "Add Tab" or the Plus button will instantly create a tab and text-select its title for easy editing.
  • You can drag and drop tabs to reorder.
  • Implemented new tab display component that scrolls rather than wraps.
  • You can create Elements from the @-mention menu.
    • (reminder: you can add parenthetical text to a mention to automatically set its display text)
  • You can edit a tab name by double-clicking it.
  • You can edit a property block name by double clicking it.
  • Tab and block names are now edited inline instead of in a context menu
  • Added icon to tabs to indicate content type.
  • Redesigned element selector and search results.
  • Modified tutorial to reflect current state of app.
  • New pricing/upgrade dialog in app.
  • Fixed text field block not respecting lock state.
  • Fixed tags on present on deleted items showing up in the tags selector.
  • Fixed templates showing up in the element selector when they shouldn't.
  • App-wide spacing and font adjustments.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added teaser for timeline feature.

Written by Braden Herndon

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