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Dev Update: Billing and Backlog

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Hey y'all, Braden here; just wanted to give a quick dev update on LegendKeeper. Justin has been full-time for a few weeks now, so here's a peek at what we've been up to.


I'm working on our upcoming billing update, which will add PayPal as a payment option, as well as 30+ currencies from around the world. The current setup hasn't been ideal for our customers outside of the US. It's something we've wanted to remedy for a long time.

This also means we'll be adding sales tax or VAT to the LK subscription, but we'll make a formal announcement before we make the switch. Depending on where you live, you may see tax added to your subscription total at your next renewal after the billing update, which we'll then remit to your local tax jurisdiction. Sales tax compliance in 200 countries and 50 US States is a complicated legal matter, so we'll be unable to take specific questions about it. We recommend reaching out to your state or country's tax office if you have questions about taxable events in your jurisdiction. All this will be expertly handled by our new billing partner, Paddle.

The Design Backlog

In mid-June, LegendKeeper will be celebrating its 5-year anniversary! But, that's 5 years with many of LK's product design decisions being done by me... The tech guy. And while I'm somewhat UX-savvy, Justin is the true design lord of the team. He's been breaking apart LegendKeeper at the seams, finding places where LK is not living up to our standards. There's a huge amount of polish that needs doing, but we need to balance that polish with shipping planned features, as well.

An inside look at a high-level breakdown of LK's interface, and some places that need improvement.

While I can't say much now, most of this polish revolve around unintentional rigidity baked into LK. As Justin and I iterate, we keep finding places that are awkward and rigid and need unified patterns for interactivity. Rather than plop out something half-baked, we want to solve this rigidity at its core, so that Maps, Boards, Wikis, and finally Timelines, all benefit from a shared UX philosophy. The ultimate goal is for every tool to share similar workflows so that LK is effortless to learn. That last thing we want is for LK to feel like a bunch of unrelated features duct-taped to each other.

I know that's all a little vague, but once we're done with this, I'll put out a post-mortem analysis. We expect the changes to be relatively small, but impactful. The before-and-after will really surprise you!

What's next

Once I'm finished with the Billing Update implementation, we'll put the finishing touches on our Creation update, which will smooth out the article creation process and make it easier to stub ideas and apply templates. The Creation update will be the first in a series that addresses LK's fundamental UX, as stated above. Once that's addressed, it will be much easier to ship Timelines, as well as further iterations of Boards and Maps.

As always, thanks for your support!

Written by Braden Herndon

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