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LegendKeeper 0.7: "Fates"

FYI: You may need to clear your cache.

What's changed: Literally everything. We re-made the whole dang thing. Justin and I are super-proud of this update and we hope it makes LK worthy of your creativity! This update lays a foundation that will take us very far into the future and I'm crazy excited to share it with you! Let's get into it!

New UI

A completely new UI, with every component re-designed from the ground up. It's more consistent and it's sexy as hek. Our new UI framework will also allow us to rapidly create new pages and features going forward.

Dark Mode

Our new design system allows us to slot in themes, with Dark Mode as our flagship example. In the future: more themes!


The Editor has been enhanced with a ton of text-editing and world-building-oriented features.

Inline Editing. The entire page is editable in place, rather than needing to switch into an "edit" mode.

Live collaboration. The editor is now fully collaborative with live updates and version protection. It's no longer possible to overwrite your document with an old version from an old tab. The editor is also collecting all change information. Coming soon: Version control/history/rewind / user presence indicators.

Tabs. Articles can now have multiple tabs for organizing your writing. Coming soon: drag to reorder, hiding individual tabs.

Property bar. The right-side article sidebar has been replaced with the property bar, a customizable space for article metadata. Now you can decide what shows up here! This is where you can add and change maps and images, add tags, etc. Coming soon: drag to reorder, more property types.

Image property. Add and change your article's main image.

Map property. Add and change your article's map.

Tags property. Edit your article's tags.

Mentioned In property. Show other articles where this one is mentioned.

Pin Appearance property. Customize this article's default pin appearance.

New slash-menu functions.

  • To-do items/checkboxes
  • Collapsible text blocks
  • Callouts, colored blocks with custom text
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Help, because!

New table editor. The new table editor allows you to resize columns, split and merge cells, add header columns and rows, and create numbered tables.

Image alignment. You can now control how your images sit in your articles and the flow of text around them.

Mentions. More accurate @-mention search with context.

Link/mention aliasing. You can now change the display text of internal links/mentions.

Automatic mention renaming. If you haven't aliased a mention/internal link (above), Mentions will now rename themselves if you changed the linked article's name.

Improved copy-paste. Though still not perfect because copy/paste is a whimsical beast, the editor's copy-paste behavior has been improved significantly.

Enhanced auto-linker. The autolinker was a little tricky to use before; it's been revamped to be more intuitive. It now overlays your article, giving you maximum context for your links.

Create & Link. Highlight text and hit Create to open up a creation dialog pre-filled with the selected text. Great for filling out world details as you go along and linking it all together.

Cut. Create & link's cousin, cut lets you highlight a chunk of your document and "cut it out" into another article. I use this to import content from non-LK sources and it makes it a breeze. It even guesses the name of the article using the content you selected. Coming soon: Auto-cut/import

Improved formatting and external link controls. Just the standard text-editor kind of stuff, but now it's better.


Mass permissions-editor. You can see an overview and edit your entire project's permissions for the Member role. Coming soon: overview permissions for individual members. Customizable roles.

Permissions editor: We revamped the single-permissions editor to be a little more visual. Still iterating on this; permissions is hard.

Icon picker. Fancy new icon picker, and you can now change an article's icon from the sidebar.

Rename. You can now rename articles from the sidebar's context menu.

Move. You can now move articles from the sidebar's context menu.

In-page menu. You can delete, move, duplicate, etc, from within the page.

Article creation flow. You can now edit an article's pin, icon, and hidden state when you're creating it.

Tag filter display options. You can now pick between list-display and tree-display for tag filter results.

Tag filter modes. You can now choose between matching ANY tags or matching all tags. (Boolean OR and AND for ya nerds)

Spotlight-style search. Hit the magnifying glass or Cmd/Ctrl + Enter to summon the search dialog.


New map controls. Prettier map controls, with a new "Reset view" button, and a "Toggle Fullscreen" button.

Pin editor. The new pin editor lets you customize your pins more easily, without leaving the atlas or going into an article editor. Also 6 new colors wew! Coming soon: More icons, more colors.

Pin creation flow. You can now customize the icon and pin of articles when you are creating and pinning articles from the Atlas.

Sidebar. The Atlas has a new sidebar where you can see a list of the objects on your map. Right now that's just pins but... I can think of a few other neat things that might go on a map.

Fly to pin: Clicking on a pin in the sidebar pans your map directly to the pin's location.

Pin Filter. The new pin filter feels right at home in the new sidebar! Want to only see pins with the tags "dungeon" and "quest"? U got it baybee.

Asset Manager

Dedicated asset manager. You can now manage your images and maps without editing an article.

Hide collection. You can now hide collections from project members.

Collection rename. You can now rename collections.

Map rename. You can now rename maps.

Coming soon: Dragging and dropping maps and images between collections. More types of assets

And a lot of other stuff

Emoji support, context menus galore, tooltips, new help menu, new user settings, new iconography, a ridiculous amount of bugfixes, probably a bunch of new bugs, deleted 1000 code files, added 600. My fingers are tired and my brain hurts! Halp!

Thank you again for supporting LK during this beta period! Your usage and feedback really helps us polish this bad boy to a shine. As always, feedback and bug reports in the Discord! Let's do this!

Next up: Not super sure yet. Will probably be fixing a lot of bugs as the reports roll in. After that,  export and template system, upgrades to the Atlas, better geographical tools like regions, more object types to put on the map, and distance calibration and measuring. Just depends on how everyone feels. . Also still trying to figure out where better mobile/tablet UI fits in the whole scheme of things.

Working on LegendKeeper is a dream. Thank you.

Written by Braden Herndon

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