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LegendKeeper 0.7.1

* Fixed bug preventing connection to LegendKeeper's live update system. Live collaboration and updates should work now.

* Fixed bug causing home resources from pre-Fates projects to falsely be reported as "Not Found".

* Fixed bug causing secrets to be revealed.

* Fixed bug causing selected wiki shortcut to be deselected when switching tabs on a page.

* Fixed bug causing avatar button to display '?' instead of your first initial or your avatar.

* Fixed permanent loading screen when login token expires.

* Deleting the selected tab now navigates you to main tab, rather than stranding you on a deleted tab.

* Fixed bug causing bold, italic, and hyperlink text formatting to be lost.

* Fixed bug preventing interaction with change email button.

* Fixed bug prevent submission of feedback via Nolt dashboard.

* Fixed "Mentioned In" list being cut off.

* Added "Leave project" button to Project Settings for members.

* Fixed bug that caused old, deleted sub-pages to be shown in a sub-page index.

* A resource's name must now be at least 3 characters long to be elibile for an auto-link.

Written by Braden Herndon

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