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LegendKeeper 0.7.10

EDIT: You might've experienced a hiccup from this update. LK has grown enough to where I probably can't push updates in the middle of primetime activity like this anymore. It's a new era :O

Low key update today focusing on cleanup and performance improvements.

* Dark mode is default, for real this time. Go to your settings in the bottom left of the screen to change back to light mode.

* Replace third-party full-page layout manager (resizable sidebar + content body) with lighter weight custom solution.

* Sidebar resizer now shows hover state and has a maximum width.

* Replace third party color picker with custom solution.

* Prepare icon editor for upcoming new pin shapes and display modes. (Custom pins coming soon ;) )

* Optimize tooltips and CSS class generation infrastructure; should result in faster page load times, especially for wikis with lots of articles and pages with lots of links.

* Guarantee editor always ends with a paragraph node, reducing occurrences where you get "stuck" at the bottom of a document that ends with a unique content block.

* Clean up pin SVG files

* Wiki custom shortcuts no longer display text, but show title via tooltip.

* New color palette for provided avatar assets.

* Optimize telepointer broadcast. Previous telepointer (multi-user cursor) was doing unnecessary lookups before broadcasting.

* General style tweaks

* I added a ton of testing and code generation infrastructure for myself. Nerd stuff, but maybe I'll make a technical notes post about it at some point.

0.7.10 Build 2

* Quick followup update fixing a bug in the auto-invite system introduced by today's patch.

* fixed a long-running bug making API requests take longer than they should.

Written by Braden Herndon

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