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LegendKeeper 0.7.6: Templates

Have a nice tavern article laid out? Save it as a template, and use it as the base for all future taverns.

You can now save an existing article as a template, or create blank templates from scratch. These templates can be used in the creation dialog as a starting point for your article. Existing templates can be managed in your Assets manager under the Templates tab.

Other stuff

* Fix bug causing old version of document to flash briefly before being replaced by current version.

* Create dialog now preserves form field states.

* Don't do an unnecessary load on articles we just created.

* Fix hidden state not being taken into account for Mentioned In property.

* Attempt to alleviate map gutter-related bugs. An oversized map gutter was causing small maps to become tiny when reset, and certain size maps to drift down and to the right.

* Optimizations to wiki sidebar.

* Add more context to some delete confirmations.

* Fixed janky positioning when hovering a mention near the bottom of the screen. (Not completely fixed D:)

* Changed Mention styling to something more neutral.

* Add me to Sharedlandia button

Sorry this one took so long; trying to get our new landing page finished. We've got some exciting partner opportunities coming up that have moved content-sharing features up on our schedule. Expect more on that soon :) Template sharing is also in the works.


Written by Braden Herndon

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