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LegendKeeper 0.7.7: Full-width & hide properties toggle, simplified menus

Allo peeps! Hopefully these changes increase control over layouts and reduce some confusion.

For this post, the page menu refers to the "vertical dots" menu in the top right corner of a Wiki page.

The property bar refers to the right-side sidebar of an article that holds the article image, map, tags, etc.

* The tab menu has been merged into the page menu.

* The property bar is now anchored to the right side of the viewport.

* You can toggle full-width mode in the page menu. This affects how it looks to everyone.

* You can specify if an article should hide its property bar. This affects how it looks to everyone. I'll be adding a purely cosmetic version of this in the form of a responsive layout in the near future.

* The page menu can be accessed from wiki editor dialog.

* An "Add tab" button has been added where the tab menu button was.

* The per-article "Hide toggle" has moved from the tab row to the page menu.

* The "create from template" tab in the article creation dialog is now only visible to admins.

Written by Braden Herndon

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