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* Fixed bug preventing deletion of worlds

* Tried to alleviate bug causing the asset manager to navigate into a folder even if you didn't hover over it for a while. Unsure if I zapped it, as I couldn't reliably reproduce.

* Before 0.8, you'd get access to some preloaded maps in LK; the assets update kinda doinked that up a bit, so I fixed it. New projects now come with the three preloaded map assets again.

* Re-implemented wiki tree to allow grabbing and clicking wiki tree items from anywhere within the bounds of the highlighted area on hover. It's also more performant now, but you might not notice; it was pretty fast already in most cases.

* Fixed bug where expand/collapse all would only affect items you've expanded or collapsed before individually.

* An **unholy** amount of infrastructure re-tooling and upgrades (about 90% of this update is contained in this bullet). This isn't really user-appreciable at this point, but makes my life a lot easier. Detailz4nerds below.

* (I added a fourth version number because I'm the boss and I CAN!)

There's still the issue where updating an asset name won't update the name it uses when it's attached to an article. I did a whoopsie on the datamodel for this and will need to do some database plumbing to fix this, but nothing too crazy. Tackling that tomorrow.

Next up, I'm updating the designs for account settings and dialogs. They've had new designs waiting to be implemented, but of course I've been busy with polishing up 0.8. After that, custom image pins and sharing links, followed by the Big Boi 0.9.

Can't express how much I appreciate your support! Every day I wake up super stoked to work on LK. Please spread the word where you can! I'm okay at the dev and product side of things, but I'm 100% garbo at marketing. We'll be remedying this soon, but in the meantime, LK relies pretty much solely on word of mouth.



Details 4 nerdz:

I've finally migrated to Typescript! All development going forward will be using it. I've been wanting to do this for over a year now, but just couldn't find the right time to do it. I knew it would take several days to get it all figured out, and that's valuable time! But with Community coming up, Typescript grants me some critical infrastructure for an update that can't afford to make a ton of mistakes.

For the uninitiated, Typescript is a stricter superset of javascript; it allows you to declare explicit types for your data, adding some very nice guardrails to your code and, most of the time, forcing you into cleaner code design. This type of knowledge also gives tools way more information about the structure of your code, enabling things like better refactoring tools and automatic code generation. LK already uses a typed API (GraphQL), and the two play very well together.

If you're not familiar with type systems, you can imagine Typescript as being a picky but non-judgmental developer partner sitting next to you, giving you tips and letting you know when your code won't work. Whereas Javascript would be in the corner behind you texting and occasionally muttering "sure that looks right I guess".

Written by Braden Herndon

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