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LegendKeeper 0.8

(You might be missing a chunk of images/maps/templates. These will be showing up over the next few hours as I perform some maintenance.)

Big update! Main attraction is the new Assets manager, paving the way for some even bigger changes coming in 0.9.

The asset manager redesign gives you a more Dropbox-esque experience for managing your many maps, images, and templates. (You'll likely need to "unhide" some folders if you'd like your Members to see them.)

Asset Manager

* Grid and list views

* Custom, infinitely nestable folders

* Multi-select and multi-drag-and-drop

* Drop-zone uploading

* Map and image preview dialog

* Hide any asset or folder of assets

* Multi-select hide and multi-select delete

* Description field for all assets

* Filter by name and type

* Sort by type, name, and date created

* The template editor is now a much closer experience to the article editor

* Members can now use templates (that are visible to them)

* Relaxed permissions for Members and Assets; removed Global Permissions "Can upload maps" and "can upload images" Members are now given much more trust with respect to maps, images, and templates.

Editor Full-screen Mode

You can now full-screen the editor for those intense-focus writing sessions.

* Moved "Add tab" to the property menu. You can add tabs via the top-right menu or the property menu (basically just removed the ever-present plus symbol).

* Removed icons from most context menus. We think that the menus are a little easier to scan without the icons, but let us know what you think about this.

* Revamped custom dialog and context menu framework to support more dialogs and context-menu submenus. Will be using this more in the future.

* Lots and lots and lots of UI and backend infrastructural code prepping for the next few updates.


* Fixed janky article title input in Firefox

* Fixed misalign zoom anchors on map pins, especially the Circle and Arch pins.

* Table controls now bump a bit to the right when in full-width mode and at risk of overlapping with sidebar collapse controls. This isn't perfect (it bumps around when you click the floating toolbar, for example), but it's better than not working at all.

* Maps now report failed state after 15 minute processor timeout

* Handfuls of styling polish and bugfixes.

* There are a few janky things still; the folders don't have loading states, so they'll show "Empty" while they're still loading, and there's some missing map previews for legacy maps.

Written by Braden Herndon

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