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  • Fix bug that causes wiki tree to crash/blank screen on dragging some items. (Some small action required if this is happening to you.)

If you have wiki pages that cause a blank screen or crash when you drag them, you'll need to sort the parent folder. This will reset any bugged position values; from there you should be able to drag those pages again.

You can sort the parent folder by right clicking and selecting the sort option. Sorry if this resets some of your manual positions. If you are having trouble with the root folder, you can sort the root by right clicking on empty space in the sidebar, or selecting "sort root folder" in the menu on the bottom right of the wiki sidebar.

I'm working on an automatic self-healing procedure, but I figured plugging the root cause of the bug quickly and getting a manual fix out quickly would be more useful.

So what happened here?

Basically, when creating a page from a template, rather than using a new position value, there was a bug that caused the template's old position value to be used. This caused crashes when attempting to drag between two items with the same position, and it caused different browsers to display different orders of wiki items created from templates.

LegendKeeper implements user-defined ordering via something called fractional indexing. One important condition for LK's particular implementation of fractional indexing is that no two items can have the same position. So I fixed the bug that results in duplicate positions; from there, sorting a folder always re-assigns unique positions, so it serves as a natural escape hatch from the bugged state.

Written by Rawand Al-Issa

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