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LegendKeeper Bug fixes

Heyo folks! A few bug fixes, a few tweaks that will hopefully smooth the learning curve a bit. More on this later today in our weekly update!

  • The search button and activity button have swapped places. Many people weren't able to find search; the theory here is the top right is a more natural place for it. The activity stream is still mostly busted; it only shows join and leave events for users. It'll take a good bit of work to get it tracking edits again; this was a purposeful scope-cut to help get Hydra out faster.
  • Added an invite button near the presence indicator for admins. When you first create an LK project, there's no clear indicator for how to actually invite people. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of that pain while we make onboarding better.
  • Members without edit rights to a page/map can no longer drag pins.
  • Fix fallback code for Safari local database failure state. In the event of the somewhat rare Safari-specific DB crash, LK should still persist updates to the server. Hitting this bug is still going to result in a jank experience, but the outcome should be less severe now. Friendly reminder that you'll have the best LK experience in Chrome or Firefox. 🙂

Written by Braden Herndon

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