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LK Weekly: a Window(!) to the future

Hey everyone, it's time for another LK Weekly update!

Design System

As mentioned in the last weekly, Justin is working on a new version of the LegendKeeper Design System. (A design system is a set of UI and UX components and rules for building applications). We've got big dreams for this system—it's gotta be powerful, but flexible enough for future exercises like theming and customization. What better way to flex it than to give the system a nice challenge? Can the system support two wildly different themes? I guess we'll see...


Unfortunately, LK's new user experience is not ideal and can be confusing for even the savviest folk. That won't do; your first LK moments should be delightful, full of discovery, and result in some worldbuilding right out of the gates. We want to achieve this with a better project creation flow, interactive example projects, and better guidance within the app itself. When you started using LK, was there anything you struggled with? Is there anything you'd like to see in an interactive LK example project?

Onboarding super brainstorm!


Adam has written up a guide to creating unique, stylish maps in Watabou's Village Generator. You can see this first edition of the LK newsletter here! We'll be sending out practical worldbuilding tips like this every month; sign up on our home page if you haven't already.

Braden could learn a thing or two about style from Justin and Adam! 😅

Changes to Patreon Tiers

LegendKeeper and its team have grown a TON since we first launched on Patreon. Since then, LK has gotten a new UI, a new editor, collaborative editing, offline support, a templating system, asset management, and a slew of other improvements. We wanted our current price point to reflect the immense progress we've made, so we've discontinued the $5 tier going forward. (This does not affect current or past Patrons now or ever; see below)

We've also added a super-tier, "Believer", for the super-fans. If you're interested in a quarterly call with the creators and a lifetime discount on LK swag, go check it!

The Patron Price Guarantee

We know pricing is a tricky topic, and we never stop thinking about our early supporters who have gotten us this far. Seriously; you've taken a leap of faith by investing your time and creative energy into us, and for that, we are forever grateful. To reflect our feelings, we created the Patron Price Guarantee, a promise to our early supporters to honor our current price point with you. You can see details here.

Application Updates

Braden shipped a patch this week addressing a few bugs and UX concerns. You can find more details here.

That's all for now! See you next week! As always, hit us up here or on Discord if you have any questions or comments.

Written by Braden Herndon

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