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New Home Screen, Example Projects, and more!

Home Screen

Justin and I revamped LK's home screen! Besides a tweaked design, you can now access your account settings, the theme toggle, logout, and example projects.

Example Projects

We've launched a new Example Projects feature! These projects provide some inspiration and structure for new and existing users alike.

Questing in Selenia is a campaign setting complete with an exciting 5e-compatible, multi-part quest. Dive into the world of Selenia, watched over by its mysterious god-king, the Hollow Emperor. Discover what mysteries and dangers await in the heart of the Moonlight Citadel. Use this project to get inspiration for building a campaign setting in LK. Or hell, remix it and use it yourself!

The second is a world-building project, Corvus Canticum's Natural History. Follow along with Corvus' observations of the Cosmos, learning about the Leveler's brutal balancing act, and about the treacherous Border Paths that snake deep into the Underworld. Use this project to learn how to structure a world compendium for your campaign, story, or comic.

Huge props to Adam for writing both of these awesome example projects! He's a beast! I couldn't stop reading the "Nerezza's Jagged Crown" main quest in the Selenia project. For those interested, these example projects also contain some links and promo codes for other creation tools we like, dScryb and Here Be Taverns.

Also, a small editor's note: Don't these look a lot like content modules? 😉 We made example projects with some foundational content module tooling I built. What other kind of content would you like to see as example projects?

Behind the scenes

The rest of this patch includes a lot of backend stuff. I built a content module system that can take any project, snapshot it, version it, and then inject that content into any other project. We created the example projects this way; we are excited to expand these tools into template sharing, community, etc. I also built some backend tools to help us with the more common support and maintenance tasks. This way, we can spend more time on the juicy new feature stuff.

Adam returned from his nature vacation in the Canadian wilderness! Now a certified Circle of the Moon Druid, he focused on perfecting his dire wolf transformation and finishing off the two example projects he created this week. I'd say they look pretty damn good!

Next up, we continue to improve the onboarding and new user experience, before diving back into Editor V3, which will bring a ton of new improvements such as better formatting, a sexier UI, and more infobox properties and content embeds to shape your pages how you like. Also, I'd really like to fix the Activity Feed soon. It's been busted for a bit now.

That's all for now! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Discord!


Written by Braden Herndon

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