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LK Weekly: Attack of the clones

Hey squad! Braden here with another weekly. This one will be short and sweet! Adam is on vacation this week, somewhere deep in the woods away from technology... Perhaps he is studying to become a wizard.

Example Projects

New folks often request advice or structure when it comes to starting their first project, which is why we're adding some example projects to LK. Adam has hand-crafted two juicy ones—one is an RPG campaign world complete with quests and content, and the other is a deep dive into the art of worldbuilding. When we launch these, you'll be able to duplicate these projects and dig around in them as if they were your own.

Using this same system, we'd also like to ship out some "starter projects". These projects, rather than have full-blown content, will have frameworks to help you get organized and off-the-ground faster. Of course, even with example and starter projects, you'll always have the option to start from scratch and apply your own LK magic.


These example projects are part of a larger effort to streamline the new user experience in LK. We're finding that users who create a few pages tend to keep building! But, quite a few get stuck in the first steps and we'd like to remedy that. Not only will we be adding example and starter projects, we'll be improving the UI and providing more helpful feedback and breadcrumbs for new users.

Attack of the clones

I shipped project duplication and re-ordering this week! These are two long overdue quality-of-life features that expand LK's functionality in a very practical way, IMO. Use duplication to create template projects for yourself, save snapshots of your worlds in time, or duplicate a campaign setting so you can run it with more groups. Perhaps even more interesting, project duplication is also a huge chunk of the content module sharing feature. This becomes obvious when you think of duplication as "copying all the content of one world to another." If you just think of projects as content modules, bam! Already have the tech to install content modules into existing projects. More on that later!


You may have noticed, we've started cranking out RPG and worldbuilding-related content on our blog, newsletter, socials, etc. While our core focus will always be creating the best world-building platform, we want to equip you with more knowledge and skills for your homebrewing toolbox. How are you liking the content so far? We're focusing on topics we think are interesting and immediately applicable to your campaigns and stories. Sign up for our newsletter on the LegendKeeper home page!


We received hundreds of responses to the pricing survey we sent out earlier in the week. We really appreciate everyone's input and candor here! The data we gathered was really helpful in figuring out our price points. Give us a few weeks to get everything ready and we'll have more to say here. And remember, as a patron, you already have your Patron Price Guarantee.

That's all for this week! Thanks for reading!

Written by Braden Herndon

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