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Marketing Page 3.0

www.LegendKeeper.com has been updated.

  • Switched hosting provider from Ghost Pro to new LegendKeeper Next.js server.
  • Rebuilt entire marketing page in React + Next.js.
  • Added link to an "Example Project" running on LK 0.13, "Public Worlds Preview Build"

We want to be able to serve public worlds from our root domain, and our prior configuration did not allow for that. Re-launching the site is an important part in the Public Worlds update deployment.

Additionally, the last marketing page was shimmied into Ghost Pro using some dark magic, meaning it had a separate tech stack and process from the core LK codebase. We've now unified the tech, and changes are tracked alongside changes to the app itself. Big tech debt payoff here!

Now our landing page will be much easier to update and integrate with the core LK app. (And it definitely needs an update! More to follow.) Let me know if you see anything broken or weird.

Many thanks to Dan for his awesome work on the new site.

Written by Braden Herndon

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