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LK Weekly: Quick Update

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Heyo! Got a short one this week; I've been pretty heads down trying to get the Public Worlds update out.

Justin and I met on Sunday to brainstorm on how we want to overhaul our legendkeeper.com landing page. We made a lot of  progress and have some good ideas for which direction we want to go.

The rest of this week was handling support tickets and writing the big script that's going to index all of LegendKeeper's 7million+ collaborative documents so that they can be compatible with Public Worlds. I deployed the script yesterday and it's been chugging along--hopefully won't take more than a day or two to complete. New documents and edits are already been indexed in realtime; this big operation is just to get all the old stuff caught up, so that any world will be able to flip the switch for sharing.

Apologies for the jargon, this has been a tech-heavy week! During all this, I've been moving our infrastructure to a simpler cloud provider so that I can spend less brain cycles on low-level stuff, and more time on the product itself. I can do a deep dive post on this at some point. Make the changes easy, then make the changes!

Til next time!

Written by Braden Herndon

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