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Free Fantasy Faction Banners based on Alchemical Symbols

To help inspire your own factions, the LegendKeeper team has prepared this free set of 12 Faction Banners.

Download them today!

Set of 12 free fantasy faction banners based on alchemical symbols

As your world grows, so do its peoples. Those people start to organize into groups that share common goals, values, or enemies. Factions can be a fantastic way to add large-scale political conflicts to your stories.

To help inspire your own factions, the LegendKeeper team has prepared this free set of 12 Faction Banners. You can download the entire set in both PNG and SVG format here.

We've included colorized versions as well as flat black versions. You can customize the colors if you load the SVGs into vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.

They work well in LegendKeeper as featured images for articles.

A screenshot of LegendKeeper with a faction banner.
Using the saffron banner as a featured image in LegendKeeper

Replacing Heraldry with Alchemical Symbols

A complete guide to heraldry - tree view of heraldic symbols
Image from "A Complete Guide to Heraldry" by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies

Heraldry has a rich history. A Coat of Arms is a common way to denote families and factions. But creating a proper Coat of Arms requires a more formal approach to design. In the future, we might explore the formal rules of heraldry, but for this banner set we decided to keep things simple and make up our own rules.

We decided on the theme of alchemy. Each symbol represents a specific alchemical element such as gold, lead, or salt water. See if you can guess what each symbol represents before looking at the filenames - some of them are pretty obscure! We chose to go with a simple design style so that they would work well in a large variety of settings.

We hope you enjoy them. Show us what you create on the LegendKeeper subreddit or Discord.

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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