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LK Weekly: Banners, spaghetti, and sneak peeks!

Hey peeps, Braden here with another LK Weekly! We've been busy bees--here's what we're up to.

Adam has created a sweet banner pack for use in LegendKeeper, or wherever else. These colorful, alchemical banners are great for representing factions, families, cults,  schools of magic; what have you. Grab them in PNG and SVG format here.

Spaghetti Wrangling

With the fabled Hydra update a few months behind us now,  it was time to get things organized. Especially with Adam (and someday more folks) helping with development, LK's codebase must be easy to understand and extend. In software development terms, the Hydra MVP was what you call... spaghetti code! As delicious as that sounds, it makes for an error-prone, hard-to-maintain application. Since LK is going to be around for a long time, that wouldn't do!

I spent the past week reorganizing the codebase. This wasn't too bad since LK's test coverage (code that tests other code to make sure it works) is quite good, but it was still a big exercise. By the end of it, I had turned the pile of spaghetti pictured above into the delicious layered cake pictured below.

For you devs out there, this refactor focused on class decomposition, inversion of control, and removing cycles in the dependency graph. In conclusion, well-tested spaghetti is easier to turn into a cake. Class dismissed! 🍝🍰

Editor V3

Ultimately, all this maintenance is in service of the upcoming big boy, Editor V3. As you might know, V3 of the editor aims to polish up the editing experience and give you tons of features to help with your worldbuilding. I'm particularly excited about tracking more useful information in your wiki page properties... Here's a sneak peek at a possible future for the property bar:

Dyson Logos Mega-map

We're always on the lookout for kickass content, especially from creators we love. Check out Dyson Logos' recently-teased MEGADUNGEON map on Twitter. We desperately need a huge print of this. Dyson Logos' works are also featured in the free map pack we recently released.

Please send us your creations!

Many of you have been sending us your creations! We love showing off your beautiful works, so please keep them coming! Send them to adam@legendkeeper.com so we can brag about you to the world. 😄

Till next time!

Written by Braden Herndon

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