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LegendKeeper Weekly: Werkin'

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(Sorry, I mistakenly tagged this post as Changelog)

Hey, sorry I haven't had much to say lately! I've been heads-down working on LK things. It's tax season in the US, so I've been prepping for that, and we've had a ton of support tickets and product dev stuff.

We recently shipped the project transfer feature, which allows you to transfer your project to another paying subscriber. This eases my support burden significantly! Additionally, we are shopping around for new payment providers in order to 1) reduce questions about billing, and 2) open up more payment options, like Paypal. (If we decide to switch payment providers, you won't have to do anything.)

We've got some cool bugfixes, features, and quality-of-life stuff coming soon, so stick around!

Written by Braden Herndon

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