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LK Weekly: Almost there!

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Hey everyone, quick update! The plan was to launch the big 0.12 update before the end of the week. Shortly before launch, we discovered a few small but show-stopping bugs on the preview build. I've since patched these up, and so far the latest release candidate is looking solid. I'll be making another launch attempt on Tuesday since Monday is a US holiday and I'll be hanging out with my fam.

I appreciate your patience! I'd prefer not to launch such a large update over the weekend, since many people use LK at this time for their games. In the meantime tomorrow, I'll take a crack at making some new tutorial videos.

Also big thanks to the Hydra Slayers (preview build testers), and everyone who stopped by the Discord voice room yesterday! I did an impromptu live debugging and feedback session and a ton of people stopped in. It made for good conversation, and we even discovered a bug or two that needed fixing. :)

Cross your fingers, next week should be awesome! 🤞


Written by Braden Herndon

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