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LK Weekly: Beyond Billing

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Thanks to your incredible support, we have now seen 33% of our patrons move their billing details into our new system. With our recent rollout of direct debit payments for Europe, this number is continuing to increase every day ๐ŸŽ‰

The speed of adoption has been fantastic! We are forever grateful for your support throughout this difficult change. For those who haven't migrated yet, please follow the steps here. You have until February 14 to claim the bonus puzzle encounter!

We're sure you've all heard enough about billing, so let's talk about what else we've been working on, and what comes next!

The Texas Hackathon

It's official: Adam is going to Texas for an entire week on February 20.

With the billing changes moving along in steady state, it is time for us to get together in person and solidify our roadmap for the next few months.

There is more opportunity than ever. As you may know, our top three items of interest right now are:

  1. Editor improvements
  2. Content modules
  3. Public projects and APIs

There is tons to figure out! We plan to dig deep and make some tough decisions about what to do next. We are also going to see if we can ship something in 1 week together in person.

A true hackathon, LegendKeeper style.

New announcements section in LegendKeeper

We are still working on ways to keep our connection to you strong in a world without Patreon. Your feedback in Discord has been really helpful.

Adam coded his first full feature in LegendKeeper this week - a place to see what's new at a glance. The announcements section has tabs for big announcements, blog posts (with worldbuilding tips and resources), and the changelog (if you want to know everything). It will be live in the next release.

In addition to these newsfeeds, we also have a new notifications section for those who prefer to receive email updates. We will start sending email updates for the LK Weekly and changelog sometime in the next two weeks.

The announcements section will keep you up to date on what's happening!
Set your notification preferences in My Account > Notifications.

Adam also ported a bunch of old Patreon content into our website. It's not done yet, but the goal is to make it the main home for all of our news.

Partnership with Blackwater DND

Blackwater DND + LK

Blackwater DND is an actual-play stream on Twitch that approached us when their homebrew setting's Google Doc literally stopped allowing search. They have big plans to flesh out their setting in LegendKeeper and launch a new stream focused on collaborative worldbuilding.

We are super excited to help with this! Check out the full announcement here.

Monster Modules are coming

Remember in early December when we talked about making a bestiary for Mรถrk Borg? Well we got the design work back from Limithron this week and it's glorious.

We are now in the final stage. Justin and Adam will do one more design pass, then we will be ready to send out PDFs of this beautiful monstrosity. But that's only step 1 in the master plan - we are starting to think seriously about getting content like this into LegendKeeper modules.

Someday soon you will be able to instantly install our bestiary into any LegendKeeper project. Here are some previews of the PDF:

Mork borg bestiary by LegendKeeper.
Spread from the untitled Mork Borg bestiary. Layout by Limithron, monsters by Thomas Novosel.
Mork borg bestiary by LegendKeeper.
Spread from the untitled Mork Borg bestiary. Layout by Limithron, monsters by Thomas Novosel.

Braden Beats Bugs

Braden spent a bunch of time this week doing support and fixing some rough edges. In addition to shipping support for European SEPA payments, he fixed a few bugs in Boards and made login emails be fast again.

One big point of friction in our process has been the handling of support requests. For a long time, ย handling requests a la carte via email, Discord, Nolt, and Patreon, has worked. As we've grown, however, this has become more and more perilous, which is exactly why Braden implemented a help desk this week. Now you can submit support requests and we receive them in a nicely formatted, orderly manner. This doesn't change much for you; you still get a direct line to us with your issues--we're just more organized about it now. ๐Ÿ˜…

To submit a request, simply email support@legendkeeper.com, or go to https://lk.quest/support. We'll be adding an in-app support option soon, as well.

Neat stuff on the horizon

Braden's also been sharing sneak peeks of technical wonders in our Slack channels.

We're particularly excited about the module system, which will allow you to bundle up your content and share it easily. The demo below is super rough but gets the idea across. (The final version will be much fancier and faster.) You visit a module page, smash the install button, and it shows up in your project--easy as that. Now imagine you can turn any of your project folders (or your whole project) into a module and share it with the world.

Module Installation Demo

Braden's also about to work on a super-secret project. It's a quick prototype; it should only take an afternoon or so to put together. If we like the results... we'll let you know more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That's all for now! Have a happy worldbuilding weekend!


Written by Adam Waselnuk

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