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We've partnered with Blackwater DND - an actual play stream

BlackwaterDND has partnered with LegendKeeper to bring their epic homebrew world to life!

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BlackwaterDND is a fast-growing Twitch stream with a long-running D&D 5e campaign set in a unique homebrew world. In addition to the main campaign, they host other unique show formats like DM Roulette and mini-painting sessions.

They approached us with a problem - their homebrew campaign setting had grown so large that the Google Doc it was written in would no longer allow searches. They've got an epic world, and we've got an epic platform to build it in, so a new collaboration was born!

With LegendKeeper on the team, they'll be launching a new worldbuilding stream on the first Friday of March. They will be moving their world into LegendKeeper live on the stream, with plenty of input from the audience.

Here is the announcement from their stream, in their own words:

As you can tell in the corner, our first new partner is LegendKeeper! This is the ultimate worldbuilding tool created by DMs for DMs. You can use it to create comprehensive wikis and atlases, share specific pieces with your players with its private by default nature, and allow real time collaboration. No limits on storage or creation with a beautiful and easy to use interface.

They're a small group of creators based in both Canada and the US that are constantly upgrading and rolling out new features. There's going to be a CALENDAR AND TIMELINE. I'm over the moon.

Tim is going to be using Legendkeeper as an ongoing tool for Blackwater planning and we're excited to announce that beginning in March on the first Friday of the month, Tim and I will be doing a worldbuilding stream where we start translating that GINORMOUS worldbuilding document into Legendkeeper. We can't wait to give ya'll a little behind the scenes and in depth look at the world of Teris.

As Legendkeeper grows and they roll out more features, you will see more Legendkeeper and Blackwater collaboration - and maybe you'll be able to dive into Teris to incorporate pieces into your own games! We are so excited for this partnership and to be growing together.

Check out Blackwater on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, and stay tuned to see how this world grows with us.

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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