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LK Weekly: Boards Progress and PAX U

Hey everyone! It's Weekly time!


Boards are coming along swimmingly. Braden has patched up most of the syncing code, and Justin is examining the UI. The demo you saw last week used the native UI in the whiteboard library. While it's nice, LK must have a nice cohesive feel, so we'll be giving it an interface that matches the LK vibe. Plus, we want LK-specific power features, like dropping wiki cards into your whiteboards for maximum "corkboard murder mystery" shenanigans.

Mucking around with boards has once again surfaced big organizational questions in the LK UI. While it's nice to have these "sandboxed" tools ("Wiki," "Atlas," "Boards"), we wonder if it would be more intuitive if we unified everything under the same sidebar... Here's a quick-and-dirty mock-up Braden made of what that might look like. This would be a significant paradigm shift for the app, with lots of unanswered questions—worth exploring, in our opinion.

What do you think about this idea mock-up? Notice how the primary sidebar is gone, and everything is just a page. (The following image is a GIF; I think these don't work in email, so you'll need to visit this Patreon post directly to view it.)

As the Boards feature nears complete functionality next week, we'll have the Hydra Slayers, our volunteer internal testing team, start picking at it. Shoot Braden a message on Discord if you'd like to take part in that.

PAX Unplugged

The entire LK team will be at PAX Unplugged! We've been dying to go to a con, but Circumstances have prevented that. We're excited to get the opportunity! While we won't have a booth, we look forward to a weekend of gaming and chatting RPGs with other hobbyists and creators. Fun fact: This is Braden and Justin's first con!

Shoot us a message on Discord if you'll be there--we can meet up and say hello! We wanted to have some custom LK softcover journals printed for swag handouts, but unfortunately, it was a little too last minute. We still want to do journals, but we'll save that for another time.


While Braden and Justin are plugging away at Boards, Adam continues the marketing arm of the revised Onboarding effort. Adam is building a series of onboarding emails in our new email messaging platform. These emails will update the ANCIENT intro email that's sent now and offer some tips on how to get started. Those will start going out to new patrons next week.


If you're not familiar with Chartopia, it's a random table discovery + creation tool that makes a great companion at the gaming table. We love anything and everything that makes GMs lives easier! Since we have a common goal, we've decided to support Chartopia development and take out a display ad on their homepage. You all should check them out! They've got a custom API and DSL so that you can go crazy with your random tables.

We aren't focusing on advertising specifically right now; this opportunity with Chartopia was just one we couldn't pass up. After the PAX conference, we'll turn more attention to advertising.

That's all for now! Please leave questions and comments below, or hit us up on Discord in the #beta-discussion or #feedback channels.



Written by Adam Waselnuk

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