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LK Weekly: Brews, Dragons, Horrors, and more!

Welcome to the LK Weekly - a rundown of what we shipped and worked on this week. Lots of content today. Happy Halloween 👻

Onboarding Sprint progress

Braden has already completed the code for most of our quick wins to improve onboarding. Those will drop in a patch soon. Changes include a new help center, enabling editing in the Atlas flyout sidebar, adding YouTube embed support to the editor*, and lots of style tweaks. Expect that to drop early next week. (*This is just for us for now; we'll add a slash command for embedding YT videos in a near-future patch.)

Adam did some design work exploring new login screens and the expanded help dialogue. We are optimistic about our speed here and cutting scope ruthlessly so that we can ship and move on to "The Next Big Thing" after onboarding soon.

(Dungeon image is for placeholder purposes only. Credit goes to Paths Peculiar, who created and owns the illustration. Check him out; his work is excellent!)

Original help center mockups. First impressions matter!

Witch's Brew - A potion mixing puzzle for any system

We tried something a bit different and put together a puzzle encounter for the 3rd edition of the LegendKeeper Newsletter (subscribe here). The bundle includes illustrated handouts for your players.

As an experiment, we also uploaded this module to DriveThruRPG. We will publish RPG-specific modules there to explore its potential as a marketing channel for LegendKeeper.

You can download Witch's Brew for free on DriveThruRPG right now. Reviews are much appreciated as they will help us find our footing in that new marketplace.

Dragon Encounters for Fizbans

We published a new blog post with 20 encounter ideas to go along with the new D&D book Fizban's Treasury of Dragons.

Read it here.

Horrors and Jotuns

Before joining LegendKeeper full time, Adam hired illustrators to produce monsters for two Sword & Source projects:

  1. A bestiary with a Norse Mythology theme for 5e.
  2. A bestiary for Mörk Borg

Unfortunately, those illustrations, though finished, have been sitting in his filesystem gathering digital dust.

But that's about to change!

As part of our ongoing effort to produce top-notch content for LegendKeeper, we have decided to hire some help to bring these two projects over the finish line. Stay tuned for more developments in this area.

And yes, we will make sure you can get all this stuff into your LegendKeeper projects!


On a fun side-note, we bought the domain lk.quest to use for link-shorteners. Neat, yeah?

That's all for now! See you next week!


Written by Adam Waselnuk

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