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Witch's Brew: A potion mixing puzzle for any system

A spooky, witch-themed puzzle encounter suitable for any RPG. Includes beautifully illustrated handouts!

Witch's Brew is a free puzzle encounter for D&D

For the 3rd edition of the LegendKeeper Newsletter, we wanted to try something a bit different.

We created a spooky, witch-themed puzzle encounter suitable for any RPG. Witch's Brew includes:

  • Setup instructions for the Game Master
  • Illustrated handout for the potion shelf
  • Illustrated handout for the witch's note
  • Illustrated handout for the solution
  • Encounter hooks
  • d12 Magical Mishaps
  • Tips for running the encounter and adjusting difficulty

You can download it here for free. Enjoy!

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Written by Adam Waselnuk

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