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LK Weekly: Chaos Monkey!

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Yo, new weekly!


I'm nearly done with the new Editor! The new editor has a number of improvements, including:

  • Improved performance
  • Less jank
  • Better handling of copy-paste
  • Better text input
  • Nicer-looking tables
  • Automatic, inline autolink hints (in addition to the bulk autolink you already have)
  • Text highlighting
  • Image upload on drag & drop/copy-paste
  • And many other small improvements.

Chonky Docs

Before I deployed the new editor to the Hydra Slayers (our preview testing group), LegendKeeper started having database issues. Somehow a large document, about 2Gb, or 20,000 times the average size, managed to sneak its way into the LK sync pipeline. It really gummed things up, and it took some work purging it from the system.

This outage also revealed a few other weaknesses, so I've put the editor update on pause while I harden the sync pipeline so it can smartly recover from unexpected situations. I return to the US on Tuesday, so I probably won't deploy the new editor for preview testing until after that. I try not to work on weekends or I esplode.

Small stuff on the horizon

Shortly after the editor update, I'll turn my sights to some smaller quality of life stuff. Here's a few things I'm thinking about (non-exhaustive list):

  • Aliasing, or alternate names for articles
  • Symbolic links, or "putting the same element in multiple parts of the project tree."
  • Introducing permanent delete, or "empty trash bin"
  • Implementing a more Discord-like roles/permissions system for more flexibility.
  • Replacing the image upload system with something more reliable
  • Introducing a global player so you can play spotify/youtube tracks while navigating around.
  • Upgrading the underlying Boards library to V2.

The big stuff

Once I've tackled a few small tasks, it'll be time for the next big one: Time! I'm excited to finally reach this milestone, as timelines and calendars are by far the most requested feature. I've already build a functional prototype of timelines, so much of the work involves "productizing" it, or making its UI and UX match the caliber of the rest of LegendKeeper.

Still many questions to answer; I'll be popping into the Discord often to ask questions to eager, soon-to-be timelines users. I'm confident that LK's time system will be better than anything you've seen before.

Even after all that, there's still much to do, with Atlas upgrades being the most likely candidate.

That's all for now!


Written by Braden Herndon

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