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LK Weekly: Infrastructure!

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Hey folks! Checking in from sunny (and windy) Copenhagen.

The public sharing/mobile MVP (minimum viable product) is 99% done! Now I'm working on deploying the necessary infrastructure to make it work. That includes a new server for hosting public pages and a few other moving parts. (This is probably a good candidate for deep dive blog post later.)

I'll probably launch "whole project" sharing first, and then follow it with "single page sharing" in an upcoming update. Sharing single pages has a few nuances around permissions that make it a tiny bit more of a challenge.

Of course, public worlds will not show secret blocks or tabs. For elements themselves, I'm trying to avoid adding yet another permission setting. To start I'm going to try public projects exposing pages that:

  • Are not hidden
  • Do not have any no-access permissions
  • Are not a descendant of either of the above

We'll see how intuitive this is in practice. Expect iteration.

My goal is to get this out next week! Wish me luck!

Written by Braden Herndon

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