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LK Weekly: More dev power!

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Good news first!

I'm pleased to say that Dan, the developer for The Griffon's Saddlebag Ledger+ and Questiary, will be helping us out on the development side of things for the next month or so. Dan is supremely talented, so I'm very excited to have him in our corner! He'll be working in the new codebase getting our landing page, blog, and maybe even some bits of the new client up to par.

The lukewarm news:

Unfortunately the Public Sharing Update will not be coming out this week as I'd hoped. It's feature complete and needs a data migration. Unfortunately that data migration will take WAY longer than I thought. Y'all have like... over 6 million documents... And I need to do a data backfill on all of them to ensure that sharing links work properly for anyone and everyone that decides to use them.

I'm going on vacation starting this weekend, so honestly I'm not comfortable rushing the migration and deployment, and then immediately leaving on holiday. Public worlds will have to wait. 😢 I'm disappointed about this, as I'm ready to get this thing out. That said, I've been grinding long hours for the past few weeks, and haven't had a proper vacation in many months. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling a bit ground down.

When I return from vacation in a couple weeks, I will complete the deployment of the Public Sharing Update, and then work on getting those much-needed editor fixes and upgrades out. I will still be available for support tickets, albeit a little slower. There won't be a weekly update for a couple weeks, but don't be afraid to reach out on Discord or email if you have any questions.

I appreciate your patience with all this! I truly believe the Public Sharing Update will be the start of a new era for LegendKeeper. Thanks for hanging in there with all your support!

Written by Braden Herndon

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